American In Serbia

Yankee Doodle went to Serbia” is a web series showing ten Serbian towns seen from the perspective of an American. Show host Charles Cather will try to point out to all those things that can be interesting to foreign tourists visiting Serbia for the first time.

With a basic premise to portray Serbia in a different way than that shown by foreign mass media over the last years, the series will also try to describe cultural differences between Serbia and the USA in a humorous way.

First town which Charles will visit is Ruma, which has around 50.000 inhabitants and is located in the north of Serbia.

Charles came to Serbia after stumbling upon Facebook group “I hate USA”, with a wish to discover “why Serbs hate Americans”. He soon formed a completely different impression of Serbia than the one offered by media in his and other countries. Determined to share his impressions with others, he first recorded a video clip which painted a completely different picture of Serbia than what was presented in the media. After the clip garnered huge interest by people from many countries, Charles continued presenting Serbia on social networks, which earned him the nickname “Serbian ambassador”.

Charles is also blogging at the Balkans Daily news website.

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