Viktor Troicki Show In Rome (video)

Viktor Troicki went on a four-minute tirade at the Italian Open on Wednesday that had even his notoriously short-tempered opponent calling for the meltdown to finally end.

Troicki trailed 6-1 and faced break point in the first game of the second set against Ernests Gulbis when he hit a backhand that chair umpire Cedric Mourier overruled and called long, giving the game to Gulbis.

Mourier inspected the mark and confirmed the call, believing there was space between the outline of the ball on the clay and the line. Not satisfied, Troicki hopped over the net and had a look for himself.

“No, come on, Cedric, you know you’re wrong,” Troicki yelled as Mourier pointed at the mark. ”Come on, you know you’re wrong. Come on, please. You know that you’re wrong. You called it and now you don’t want to overrule yourself. Come on, there is no space. You know there is no space. Come on, no, I don’t want to play like this. There is no space. There is zero space. … You don’t want to correct yourself … because you always think you’re right, but you’re not.”

“I will retire, I will retire, seriously. I want a supervisor… You are 100% wrong, I wouldn’t make a show out of this,” Troicki said.

Yet the Serb continued to make a show of it.

In an unprecedented move, an irate Troicki then proceeded to take one of the TV cameras to show the world the ball mark in question. At that point the umpire had had enough, calling a time violation on Troicki.

Group ‘Moje 3’ To Represent Serbia At ESC 2013 (Video)

Vocal group “Moje 3” will be Serbian representative at 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malme, Sweden.

They won with the song “Ljubav je svuda” (Love is everywhere) thanks to audience votes at the contest organized by the Serbian National Television RTS.

5 best out of 15 songs were chosen yesterday, and tonight’s SMS voting sent “Moje 3” to Sweden.

Serbia achieved greatest success at ESC in 2007 when Marija Serifovic won at this competition.

Serbian Cyrillic Alphabet In Croatian Towns

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic repeated that rights of minorities have to be respected and that Cyrillic alphabet will be introduced as one of the official alphabets in Vukovar, town in east of Croatia which had majority Serbian population before the war.

“SDP is a political party that decided more than 20 years ago that minorities’ rights have to be respected. We are the party of all Croatian citizens and that is why we need to recognize their rights. Croatia did not fight against Cyrillic, but against the aggressors”, said Prime Minister Milanovic.

According to last year’s population census, there are around 20 municipalities and towns in Croatia where Serbian minority comprises more than one third of population, which gives them the right to official use of Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet. During February, several protests against this Serbian minority constitutional right were held, with demonstrators comprised mostly out of Croatian army veterans, who fought against Croatian Serbs from 1991 to 1995.

Kustendorf Film Festival Ends

Sixth Kustendorf ended tonight after giving out awards to best film workers and a spectacular firework.

International film and movie festival Kustendorf’s Golden Egg award for best movie was given to young author Jan Czarlewski from Switzerland for his short “Stammering Love”.

Silver Egg was given to Rasmus Kloster Bro from Danmark for his short movie Barvalo, while the Bronze Egg was given to Israeli author Yaniv Linton for his film Tateh.

Jury awarded special recognition to Martin Rat (Poland) for the documentary “Written In Ink” and Jelena Gavrilovic (Serbia) for her short movie “I Am Not Your Friend”.

Awards for upcoming movies were given to Yimou, Bellucci and Gohtar.

Best works were selected by the international jury, which was comprised of Israeli writer and actress Alona Kimhi (president of jury), American movie producer, production director and assistant of director Michael Hausman and Serbian media theorist and film and TV director professor dr Oleg Jeknic.

Politician Hits A Child With His Car

Parliament member from governing Serbian Progressive party (SNS) hit with his car 12-year-old D.R. on a pedestrian crossing in Karadjordjeva street in downtown Smederevo, town in central Serbia, and fled the scene.

Luckily, the child managed to get by with only lighter injuries.

Politician was recognized by eyewitnesses of the accident, so the police went to his house, but he refused to take the blood alcohol test.

Serbian progressive party, where Dragan Colic is a member, after an initiative by Aleksandar Vucic, party’s president, called upon the statutory authority to start a procedure of removing Mr. Colic’s immunity he now has as a parliament member.

Police filed charges against Dragan Colic also last year because of violent behavior and obstructing a police officer on duty.

Fatmir Ljimaj Detained

Eulex judge in Pristina has ordered for four suspects in Klecka case to be detained, including Fatmir Ljimaj, former commander of Kosovo Liberation Army, (KLA) and member of Kosovo parliament.

Ljimaj and his fellow soldiers are suspect of committing war crimes against Serbian and Albanian civilians in the KLA base in village Klecka in Malisevo municipality in 1999.

Ljimaj told the reporters at the entrance of Euleks building that he doesn’t know why he’s being detained.

– I don’t know that, you better ask them, – said Ljimaj, referring to
Eulex officials.

Besides war crimes, Ljimaj is also being charged of misuse of official position and organized crime committed while he was minister of telecommunications and traffic.

Kosovo Supreme court annulled the decision of Trial court last week, effectively ending criminal investigation against Ljimaj and four other former soldiers suspected of committing a war crime in village Klecka. The case was sent back to retrial at the District court in Pristina.

”Forbes” Gives Bad Marks To Serbia

On the “Forbes” list of best countries for business, Serbia took 90th place out of 141 countries. Almost all countries from the region are ranked better than Serbia on the list, as well as some countries from the African continent.

American magazine takes a number of factors into consideration when evaluating a country. Country’s rank is determined by owner’s rights, innovation, technology, tax laws, procedures, investor’s rights, but also corruption levels and all other kinds of freedoms, from personal to market. Data used in the analysis comes from, among other sources, CIA, Heritage Foundation, Transparency International, World Bank, and the World Economic Forum.

The state agency for promotion of foreign investments and export SIEPA said that they cannot understand such a bad evaluation made by Forbes. They reminded that the World Bank in its last report gave praise to Serbia, moving the country nine places forward on their list.

Economists think that this evaluation from Forbes could have a negative effect on foreign investors’ future decisions to invest in projects in Serbia.

Two Murdered In Nis

Last night a young man was killed, while another was wounded in Nis,
city in south of Serbia.

The murder took place after a petty fight while several young men
waited in line in front of a fast food stand.

After the argument, one of the men took out a gun and shot at two
young men standing next to him.

Next to the murdered young man, another was hit, but he is recovering now.

Almost simultaneously, in the village of Vrtiste nearby Nis, one man
was killed from a rifle. There are no more details known at this point
about that murder.

The police are looking for murderers.

Margita Stefanovic’s Barbed Wire

An exhibition celebrating the artwork of Margita “Magi” Stefanovic, best known as a keyboardist of the cult Serbian rock band Ekatarina Velika, opened at the Good Times cafe in Belgrade on Monday.

The Barbed Wire exhibition showcases some 20 drawings and sketches mostly depicting the band at work done by Stefanovic between 1997 and 1999.

Aleksandar Ilic, who organized the exhibition, said that the idea for it came about when he published a book “Go Back”, dedicated to the musician in 2008.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Ilic and Olja Ivanjicki, a well-known Serbian contemporary artist, who handpicked the works on display. Stefanovic died in September 2002, aged 43, following years of drug addiction.

Novak Once Again World No. 1 Men’s Tennis Player

Novak Djokovic, the best Serbian tennis player of all times, will end the season as World No.1 for a second straight year.

Djokovic lost the top spot to Roger Federer in July after 12 months at the top of the rankings. Federer’s absence from the Paris Masters, on account of having “things that needed to heal”, surrendered the world No. 1 spot back to Djokovic.

The Serbian player has an unassailable rankings lead which means he will start 2013 top of the pile even if he fails to win Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London this week.

The 25-year-old Djokovic will be the first player to top the men’s singles rankings at the end of consecutive seasons since Federer did it from 2004 to 2007.