Cosy kafana situated in pedestrian zone on Danube river bank in Zemun, old part of Belgrade.

Known for its kitchen and perfect live folk music, ”Platani” is a guardian of Serbian ”kafana” tradition.

Either if you come with a crowd or you step in alone, you will feel like home when your mum and aunt are competing in cooking.

During the winter in warm inside, or during the long warm period when the outside terrace of ”Platani” is opened, spending evening at this authentic Serbian place will be one of your best memories from Belgrade. Plus, it’s not gonna cost you much.

Address: Kej Oslobodjenja 45 Zemun, Belgrade
Phone: +381(11)2101401
Facebook: Platani

Greenet Caffe

Coffee shop chain famous for Orange, Chili and Black Forest Mocha, Crème café, and a perfect cup of espresso.

In our pleasantly decorated shops you can enjoy great variety of coffees and chocolates, cakes and sandwiches, while listening to carefully chosen music, reading, talking to friends, or simply surfing the internet.

We offer 12 types of roasted coffee, as well as coffees to go.

Find us in Belgrade, Novi Sad or Facebook.

Facebook: Greenet
Twitter: @greenet_beograd

Our shops:

  1. Stari grad – Nušić st. 4, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 3238-474;
    Working: 07.00-23.00; Sunday 09.00-23.00
  2. Greenet Preko Puta – Nušić st. 3, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 3225-305;
    Working: 08.00-00.00, Friday and Saturday 08.00-00.30, Sunday 09.00-00.00
  3. Panorama, Masarikova st. 5, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 3618-533;
    Working: (mon-thu) 07.30-23.30; (fri-sat) 07.30-00.00, Sunday 09.00-23.30
  4. Greenet Slavija, Nemanjina st. 40 (TC Milenijum), Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 3650-010; 
    Working: 07.00-21.00, Sunday – closed.
  5. Greenet Bulevar, Bul. kralja Aleksandra 72-74, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 3440-106;
    Working: 07.30-23.30, Friday 07.30-24.00, Sunday 09.00-23.30
  6. Greenet Vračar, Makenzijeva st. 55.
    Tel: (+381 11) 2403-818;
    Working: 07.00-23.00, Sunday 09.00-23.00
  7. Greenet Arena, Bul. Zorana Đinđića 48a, Novi Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 269-2229;
    Working: 07.00-23.00, Sunday 09.00-23.00
  8. Greenet Novi Sad, TC BAZAR, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina, Novi Sad.
    Tel: (+381 21) 423-557;
    Working: 09.00-21.00, Sunday 10.00-18.00
  9. Greenet Art Jurija Gagarina 36d, Novi Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 11) 2281-403;
    Working: 07.00-23.00, Sunday 09.00-23.00
  10. Greenet In Caffe Njegoševa 10, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 63) 1073-444 063 i 1086-444
    Working: 07.30-23.30,  Saturday 08.00-24.00,  Sunday 09.00-24.00
  11. Greenet Line, Kraljice Marije 13, Beograd.
    Tel: (+381 63) 1099-444
    Working: 07.30-23.30,  Sunday 09.00-23.00

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Šikarica Cafe

An ideal spot for a coffee or tea break during the day and wine tasting and beer drinking at night, Sikarica Café is situated in the Bohemian quarter of the Belgrade city center. And while you sip your drink after 22 p.m. this Belgrade hotspot often almost spontaneously transforms itself into a nightclub.

Belgrade, 22 Skadarska Street