Good-Bye Jat, We’re Going To Miss You

From this day, Serbian airline Jat will no longer exist under that name. After 66 years, it will change the name to “Air Serbia”.

The new company will be formed together with “Etihad”, foreign partner from Middle East. Serbian state will own 51 percent of the company, and “Etihad” 49, but also the management of the company.

According to projections, the new company could have 22 airplanes, while the flights will mostly connect former Yugoslav republics and Europe with Middle East, Australia and America. Etihad is a company with 77 aircrafts and has around 10 million passengers per year, and the experts agree that the arrival of that company should bring in more connections and cheaper tickets.

Predecessor of “Jat” was airline “Aeroput”, founded in 1927. Two decades later, the name was changed to Yugoslav Air Transport (Jugoslovenski aerotransport) and soon becomes leading airline in the Balkans with direct overseas flights to America and Australia.

Large Copper Ore Deposit Discovered Near Bor

In the valley of Ujeva river near Bor, town in the east of Serbia, geologists have found a new copper ore deposit, after drilling at the record depth.

The geologists are on the verge of discovering the biggest copper deposit near Bor, after using the modern exploration methods at great depths. The experts discovered this data by using the latest in exploration drills in which in the last two years five million euros were invested in the Bor mine.

The drill on which they are currently working on, will go two kilometers below the ground, which will beat the previous record of 1.650 meters.

Trilateral Trade Commission Serbia – Turkey – Bosnia and Herzegovina

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Foreign and Domestic Trade and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajic met in Ankara Turkish Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan and Mirko Sarovic, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Ministry of Economy.

“Serbia has invested USD 35 million in Turkey since 2002. The trade volume among the three countries is not that ambitious, and with this declaration we hope to increase the trade volume. Turkey will encourage the two countries to invest in Turkey by removing the obstacles,” said Caglayan.

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Ljajic said the declaration would be pragmatic and practical, adding that “it is very important to cooperate with such a strong county, Turkey.”

“The declaration will also play an important role on the political stability in the Balkans as well as providing both countries with substantial opportunities. Our aim is to increase the trade volume with Turkey by bringing businesspeople together to work in cooperation,” said Ljajic.

Sarovic said Turkey’s investments were increasing in Bosnia-Herzegovina, adding that the trade volume was more than 300 million euro with Turkey.

Next meeting will be held in September in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the course of action will be announced during the meeting.

source: Anadolu agency

German-Serbian Career Fair

German-Serbian career fair, organized by German industry delegation in Serbia and German-Serbian industrial association will be held on May 16th and 17th in Belgrade.

On that fair, all those interested in working for German companies will be able to get better acquainted with specificities of working in German industry. Those who find it attractive, will be able to send their applications for jobs that are being offered. The condition is good knowledge of German language, and the occupations which will be offered most are engineer jobs.

Among the companies that will take part in the fair are Siemens, Robert Bosh, Mercedes-Benz, Falke from Leskovac and factory Proleter, which functions as part of German company “Atair”.

Big Investments In Railways

In the next five to seven years, two and a half billion euros will be invested in Serbian railways, Dragoljub Simonovic, general director of “Serbian Railways” announced.

CEO of this state-owned company claims that the first results will be visible in three years. Main tasks will be laying of new and reconstruction of worn out railways, as well as purchase of new trains.

Simonovic said that in the period of five to seven years Serbian railways will get around 70 new trains of various structures, which will encompass both regional and local railroads, and which will significantly improve the quality of transportation.

Total length of railroads in Serbia is 3.809 kilometers, 3.162 of which is in use, but only 7,5 perceont, or around 283 kilometers are double-track railways.

Unemployed Serbia Celebrates First Of May

Serbia is traditionally celebrating First of May, international workers day. On many excursion sites across the country, camp fires have been burning since early morning, with people cooking ”kačamak” and preparing barbecue.

A foreigner without any knowledge about Serbia would think that the unemployment in the country is low. However, the situation is exactly the opposite.

103.917 jobs were lost in Serbia last year, research conducted by the National Employment Service of Serbia and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) showed.

Most workers were fired in Vojvodina, then Belgrade, Sumadija, and Western Serbia. Least jobs were lost in south and east of Serbia.

Most jobs were lost in the production sector. In the processing industry 32.222 workers were fired, in the trade industry 22.275, in construction industry 14.907, in administration, health industry and education 13.712, in traffic, services and information technologies 11.944…

Workers without high qualifications were most easily fired. 23.287 workers with 1st degree of vocational education (workers with primary school education), and 36.791 workers with 3rd degree of vocational education (workers with high school education) were laid off.

New Weapon By Serbian Military Industry

Company “IMK 14. Oktobar” from Krusevac produced a multi-barrelled modular 122mm and 128mm caliber rocket launcher LRSVM for needs of the Ministry of Defense.

This weapon does not require crew which would directly control it, but the rockets are fired from a distance, so that the safety of soldiers is increased.

“What we have here is a completely automatized and sofisticated weapon, which is in on par with the most modern global solutions and can represent an export potential of Serbia”, says the statement from the IMK company.

LRSVM rocket launcher carries 16 PLAMEN rockets, 12 OGANJ rockets and 12 GRAD rockets, which are also home-made. Rocket GRAD 122mm has the biggest range, and can hit targets at the distance of 35km.

Kosovo And Metohija: The Most Wanted Goods Comes From Serbia

According to the data from the Agency of Statistics of Kosovo released for February, the majority part of imported goods into Kosovo originates from Serbia.

Meanwhile, exports toward Serbia continue to be much lower. During the month of February, Kosovo has imported 156.3 million Euros worth of goods, while the value of exports has been 22.6 million Euros.

For many years, consumers in Kosovo have been asked to boycott Serbian products through the “Boycott 860” campaign, 860 representing the initial figures of the barcode that accompanies products coming from Serbia.

This campaign is conducted by “Self-Determination” Movement, which last year also added the slogan “Love Yours”, thus appealing for products Made in Kosovo to be consumed.


EasyJet Introduces New Airline Connection Between Belgrade And Milan

British low budget airline EasyJet has established a Belgrade-Milan connection, with three flights per week – on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. One way ticket price is at least 32 euros, including taxes.

A ceremonial arrival of the first flight on this line was organized yesterday at the Belgrade airtport “Nikola Tesla”, attended by the British Ambassador Michael Davenport.

EasyJet director for Serbia and Italy Francis Ousley said that EasyJet is one of the biggest and best European airlines which, even though low budget, connects many primary airports in Europe and serves both business and tourist passengers.

She said that it is important for that company to arrive at Serbian market and that they plan to have a long-term cooperation with our country.

‘El Dahra’ To Build Biggest River Harbor In Serbia

Serbia and company ‘El Dahra’ from United Arab Emirates have signed a memorandum on capital increase of state-owned company JRB and an agreement on land sale and the building of Pancevo Harbor on the river Danube in Pancevo, town near Belgrade.

Those documents were signed by the Finance and Economy Minister Mladjan Dinkic and general manager of ‘El Dahra’ Hamad Saed Sultan al Shansi and the deputy mayor of Pancevo Sasa Pavlov.

“Memorandum on capital increase of JRB predicts investments of 20 to 40 million euros, which will buy ‘El Dahra’ 30 to 49 percent of shares of that company, which is now state-owned”, said Dinkic.

Minister Dinkic says that the investments are intended to total reconstruction of the fleet and purchase of new ships for JRB.

It has been arranged that ‘El Dahra’ buys 43 acres of land which is owned by the Town of Pancevo, in vicinity of Pancevo Harbor and the artificial fertilizer plant ‘Azotara’, at a price of 10.000 euros per acre, which will make the Harbor biggest in Serbia, explains Dinkic.

According to first estimates, ‘El Dahra’ will invest five million euros in the construction of Pancevo Harbor.