Cooperation Between Jat And Etihad

Jat” and “Etihad“, state-owned airline companies of Serbia and United Arab Emirates have signed in Belgrade an agreement on mutual sale of tickets for their flights through code share.

President of “Etihad airways” James Hogan and general manager of “Jat” Vladimir Ognjenovic have concluded that the agreement will be the first, very significant step in the two companies’ cooperation.

Ognjanovic pointed out that the cooperation with “Etihad” will contribute to increased “Jat’s” profits, but added that the Serbian government’s plan for “Jat’s” recovery and purchase of new airplanes remains.

Ognjanovic said that the agreement will make it possible for “Jat’s” passengers to fly cheaper via “Etihad” to Australia and Middle East, and in the following weeks they will be able to fly to North America by “Air Berlin”, partner company of “Etihad”.

Back2Serbia Job Fair To Be Held In Belgrade

For the second year in a row, job fair entitled “Back2Serbia” will be held in the Student Cultural Center in Belgrade on 14th and 15th of June.

The fair targets all Serbian citizens who lived abroad, as well as those that are in the country and looking for new challenges in their career development. Last year, more than 1.000 visitors attended the fair, from different parts of the world such as USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, England, Spain, Russian, Australia. Also, 15 leading companies from different sectors took part, creating more than 200 new jobs.

Main goal of the “Back2Serbia” fair is to attract young people with international education and professional experience willing to return to Serbia, and to enable them to find jobs in their home country through contact with various companies at the two-day fair.

Beside the young from diaspora, the fair is open to all people from Serbia that are looking for work.

Serbian Fiat 500L In Russia At Lower Prices

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said that Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised to approve the import of small series of Fiat vehicles made in Serbia.

In the event of such arrangement, Russia would also get the right to export vehicles made in Russia to Serbia under the same conditions, said Dacic.

The Prime Minister said however that the request to put Fiat 500L on the list of custom-free products in Russia according to the free trade agreement is illogical, because Russia does not have an economic interest to import Fiat vehicles from Serbia without custom taxes.

However, the import of small series would be a result of “privileged partnership”.
The first series could count 10.000 vehicles, said Dacic.

Who Is The Best Paid Serb?

Last year’s best paid Serbian citizen earned totally 180 million dinars, or 1,6 million euros, Serbian Tax agency reported. In comparison with the best paid people in Europe, many will say that it’s a modest sum. However, for Serbia it is a fantastic salary.

According to the information, the best paid Serbian is economist, and works in the capital.

The math shows that he earned around 15 million dinars each month, or 120.000 euros. On the other hand, last year’s average Serbian paycheck was 41.376 dinars, or 370 euros, which means that the average citizen would have to work for 30 years in order to match the monthly salary of this Belgrade-based economist.

Officially, there are 18.912 dinar millionaires according to their salaries in 2012.

PayPal Finally Available To Users In Serbia

Starting today, Serbian citizens can finally open accounts on electronic payments service PayPal. In the first period, users from Serbia will be able to only send money via this service, but cannot yet receive funds.

Many citizens who earn their pay as freelancers have been waiting for years for this internet service to become available in Serbia. Several petitions have been started over the years, and the last three Ministers in charge of finance were engaged in bringing this service to Serbia.

In order to register and access your personal profile, user needs to set up several security questions, a valid credit or debit card, as well as an email address.

Users can later add more cards to PayPal, change their information and review their orders.

Best known electronic payments system PayPal was founded in 1998, and became available in Europe in 2004.

Russian Gas In Serbia

Head of “GazpromAlexey Miller said, after signing the contract in Serbian government, that Serbia will get the discounted price of gas, 13 percent lower than it is now, and that the deliveries of 1,5 billion cubic meters of gas per year are guaranteed.

“This goes to say that Serbia is our strategic partner. We have big plans for the future”, said Miler.

Chairman of the Management Committee of the Russian company Alexey Miller talked with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Miller gave to President Nikolic regards from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and pointed out that Russia is actively working on existing and future investments in Serbia.

Belgrade-Berlin-Chicago, Via Abu Dhabi

Minister of industry Mladjan Dinkic announced in Abu Dhabi that the memorandum of understanding and strategic partnership between the companies Etihad Airways and the Serbian airline Jat Airwaysshould be signed in mid-April in Belgrade.

Commercial cooperation between Jat Airways and Etihad Airways includes introduction of daily flights from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi from second half of this year, as well as opening of the route on relation Belgrade-Berlin-Chicago, and three more destinations in the USA, in cooperation with Air Berlin.

Minister Dinkic confirmed that the board of directors of Abu Dhabi Development Fund has approved 400 million dollars, half of which will be intended for development of irrigation network on the entire territory of Serbia, while the second half will be at the disposal of Serbian farmers in form of very favorable loans for purchase of equipment and mechanization.

Forbes: There Are Good Investment Possibilities In Serbia

Second man of the “Forbes” company Christopher Forbes finished his visit to Serbia by meeting the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Prime Minister Ivica Dacic. Serbian PM said that the goal of Serbian government is for important people in the world get the right picture of Serbia so that its position at the international scene is strengthened.

“It’s important to us that Christopher Forbes carries a good picture from Serbia to the world, and to forward the favorable impressions about the investment climate in Serbia on to potential investors. After all the problems we’ve been surrounded for years, we need good news from such people”, said Dacic.

Forbes responded with compliments.

“My stay in Serbia has, in a way, opened my eyes and I can hardly wait to bring the positive impressions from your country to my friends. I saw that there are good investment opportunities in Serbia, especially in the energy and telecommunications areas. The qualified workforce, that I saw in the “Fiat” factory in Kragujevac has also left a positive impression on me”, said Forbes.

Forbes previously said at the meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic that he will do everything in his powers to present Serbia from a different angle, adding that he will explain to potential investors what options Serbia has to offer to the American business community.

Fiat 3000 Euros Cheaper In Serbia

Automobile manufacturer Fiat which has a factory in Kragujevac, town in central Serbia, has decided to lower the price of its 500L model for 3000 euros, for the Serbian buyers. This way, the base price of that model is now 10.900 euros.

Fiat has made this move in cooperation with Serbian Ministry of finance and industry, because the company used the 10.000 euros per new job subvention in the way that, instead of that sum, the state of Serbia will instead subvention each sold model with 3.000 euros.

This move by Fiat and Serbian government has caused a dissatisfaction with dealers of other car manufacturers which do not have their factories in Serbia. During the ongoing car show they will carry t-shirts with protest slogans because of this, in their opinion, discriminatory decision.

Forbes Promoting Serbia?

Favorable strategic position of Serbia, good business conditions and benefits that Serbian government offers to foreign investors were all mentioned at the meeting of Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic with vice-president of the “Forbes” company Christopher “Kip” Forbes.

Dacic, Vucic, as well as the Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic talked with Mr. Forbes about the possibilities of promoting Serbia as an investment area, reported governments press office.

Serbia, as the largest country in the west Balkans, has good infrastructure, qualified and experienced workforce and market, which offers possibilities to foreign investors to make profit, it was said at the meeting.

Christopher “Kip” Forbes should also meet with delegation of “Telekom Srbija” and “Elektroprivreda Srbije”, two state owned companies.