Richest Serb Miroslav Miskovic To be Released On €12 Million Bail

Special department of Higher Court in Belgrade set today a 12 million euros bail for owner of Delta Holding Miroslav Miskovic, who is charged of embezzlement and tax evasion.

“After providing evidence to the Court that the bail has been deposited, the accused will be released from detention”, the Higher Court said.

This is the highest ever set bail amount in Serbian judiciary history, 12 times higher than the previous record holder, former president of Football Association of Serbia Zvezdan Terzic who deposited one million euros.

Police Detains 16 Immigrants

Police in Nis, town in the south of Serbia, has detained 16 foreigners without travel documents.

In the group, which was discovered this morning around 5AM, there were six Afghanistan citizens, three people from Burkina Faso, two from Mali and one person from Syria, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia.

The illegal immigrants entered Serbia from Macedonia, the police reported.

Serbia is a transit country for people, seeking asylum in the European Union. Some of them request asylum even after having crossed the Serbian border. This allows them to be housed in one of the centres for asylum seekers where they are provided with shelter, food and cloths.

However, many leave the centres without waiting for their asylum requests to be processed after having made contact with people smugglers who promise them safe transfers over Croatian or Hungarian border.

Serbian police has been attempting to identify as many people smugglers as possible aiming to stem their highly profitable illegal business

Predrag Sasa Danilovic Stabbed With A Knife

Legendary basketball player and sports director of Partizan Basketball Club Predrag Sasa Danilovic was stabbed with a knife in a restaurant last night.

He was attacked late last night at Belgrafe neigborhood Kosutnjak after a confrontation with another guest at the restaurant. 

At the Emergency ward it was confirmed that the process of reanimation was finished and that the basketball star was sent to further treatment. Police director Milorad Veljovic said that Danilovic received serious and life threatening injuries.

“The police are investigating how the incident started and what caused it”, said Veljovic.

Man Taken Into Custody For Digging A Grave In The Middle Of A Stadium

Police in Sabac, town in the west of Serbia, has arrested a 31-year-old suspected of digging a grave at the stadium of “Macva” football club in that town. He is also suspected of producing and selling drugs.

According to police report, 92,3 grams of marijuana was found on him, in nine packages.

Sabac police says that the arrested man is one of the persons responsible for digging the grave at the football field where they set up a cross with the message to the club administration and the players “Second league or this”.

Another Witness To Testify Today In The “Kleçka” Trial

A witness under the witness protection program is expected to testify today in the “Kleçka” trial against Fatmir Limaj MP and nine of his fellow fighters during the war in Kosovo.

“We’re not expecting anything new from the prosecution witness. We hope that the retrial of Fatmir Limaj will end sooner than predicted”, said the defending attorney of Fatmir Limaj, Tom Gashi.

In the last court session, the witness has demanded to be identified, adding that he has nothing to hide and that the charges against Limaj are groundless.

In the “Kleçka” trial, the former minister of the cabinet, Fatmir Limaj and nine former fighters of the Kosovo Liberation Army are accused of crimes against Serbian civil population during the war in 1999.


Girl Killed In A Shootout In Belgrade

A 29-year-old girl was killed in a gun fire that broke out last night around 22h in night club “Just Vanilla” at Ada Ciganlija lake in Belgrade.

Four young men who were in the club got into a fight for reasons currently unknown, when one of them then pulled out a gun and started shooting. Several shots were fired, and one of them hit the unfortunate girl in the stomach.

Unconscious,  she was taken in a private car to the Emergency ward, where the doctors were unable to save her life.

15 Criminals From Serbia Arrested In Belgium

According to daily “Blic” the Belgium police have arrested a group of around fifteen criminals that have committed around 150 robberies in a short period of time. According to Belgian police reports, all arrested are from Cacak, town in central Serbia.

The group was breaking into and robbing stores, jewelries, houses for months, mostly in the Antwerp region. Their “specialty” was automobile theft.

It is estimated that the total number of thefts that this group has committed is around 150.

Luka Bojovic To Be Extradited To Serbia

According to the daily “Danas”, Trial Chamber of Higher Court in Madrid decided that the member of the crime gang Luka Bojovic should be extradited to Serbia.

The decision was made so that Bojovic, who was arrested in February last year in Valencia, could be tried in Serbia for three homicides and so that he could be sent to 1,3-year-long prison sentence for illegal possession of firearms and eight months for forging official documents.

The Spanish court’s decision to extradite Luka Bojovic to Serbia comes only days after criminal gang killed his brother Nikola Bojovic in Belgrade.

Idiot Throws Dog In The Sewer, Cameras Record Incident (Video)

Organization for animal rights and protection from Krusevac “ORPAK” sent an appeal to all citizens of Krusevac to help them find the person who threw a dog in the sewer in this town in central Serbia.

Man who without reason, while nobody was watching, threw a dog in an open sewer calmly went on his way. However, thanks to security cameras, it may be possible to determine who is the person in the video.

The organization “ORPAK” is asking everyone to report the person if they recognize him via phone number +381(63)8822412 or to immediately call the police.

Tragedy Avoided Or False Alarm?

Police in Novi Pazar, town in the southwest of Serbia arrested a 22-year-old men from that town suspected of throwing a home made device with nails at the Novi Pazar-Partizan Belgrade football game towards the stand where the supporters of Belgrade club were located.

Police took the device to expertise to determine whether it had an explosive charge.

The arrested man had already been criminally charged due to falsely reporting a bomb at the Novi Pazar staduim in 2011, and he is known to the police from before due to violent behavior at sports manifestations.