Pristina Gives Up On Agreement?

Chief of Serbian work group in Brussels Marko Djuric said that Pristina delegation today abandoned talks on implementation of agreement about normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

In Marko Djuric’s words, Serbian side regrets very much because Kosovo team abandoned negotiations and for now it is unknown in what way and when they could be continued.

Djuric said that he doesn’t know why chief of Pristina team Hajredin Kuci said that a new meeting of Prime Ministers of Serbia and Kosovo as part of the dialogue should take place on 21st of May.

Dacic: Greater Albania – Great Danger

Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic said in an interview to Austrian daily Kronen Zeitung that not enough attention is given to propaganda coming from Tirana about unification of all Albanians, in other words, unification of Albania with Kosovo and parts of Macedonia, and other parts of neighboring countries.

According to him, recognition of Kosovo’s independence would only deepen the rows and would represent the first step towards “Greater Albania“.

That released spirit from the bottle would represent a new source of danger in the Balkans, warned Dacic.

Prime Minister of Albania sali Berisa said six months ago in Tirana that the “idea of ethnic Albania was born in Kosovo”, as well as that the goal of Albanians is unification of their nation.

Vucic: I Will Go To Kosovo

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia has numerous mechanisms for implementation of the Brussels agreement, but that he wants to do it after reaching a deal with legitimate representatives of Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija.

“The state does not want to demonstrate force nor power, not because it is not strong, on the contrary, it is exactly because it is strong and because its leaders are much stronger than those who confront it. That’s why we extend our hand and we want to talk, not to play tough and say hard, ugly words like some of them say”, said Vucic.

We will talk with Serbs south of Ibar, he said, but explained that there are problems of legality and legitimity, because in some municipalities there are up to three or four authorities. However, Vucic pointed out that he will regardless talk to them as well.

“My intention is to visit first of all north of Kosovo and Metohija, but also many places south of Ibar. I wish to talk to our people, I will go there because of our people, proud of the way we fought for our country and our nation’s interests”, said Vucic.

No Deal Between Prime Minister Dacic And Kosovo Serbs

Meeting between representatives of Serbs from the north of Kosovo with representatives of Serbian government concerning the agreement which was signed with representatives of Pristina authorities ended without reaching a deal.

Serbs from Kosovo demand for the constitutionality of the Brussels agreement to be determined first, and a referendum after that assessment.

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said that there is not enough time for such a thing because that way to assess the issue would take months, which would put Serbia in a difficult situation not to be able to implement the agreements it accepted.

Great Majority Of Parliament Members Backs Agreement With Pristina

National Assembly adopted on Friday night with great majority the report on process of political and technical dialogue with the Kosovo authorities, which approved the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

Out of 250 members of the parliament, 173 government and opposition party members voted in favor of the agreement with Pristina, while members of DSS, three members of ruling SNS, two independent parliament members and one from Democratic party voted against.

Ten-hour debate preceded this outcome, during which the parliament also decided on the great Kosovo issue. Already after the opening statements by party leaders in the Assembly, it was clear that the agreement will get a persuasive support, because both members of the ruling coalition, but also opposition DS, LDP, SPO-DHSS, SVM, LSV and “Together for Serbia” spoke in favor of the agreement ahead of official vote.

Prime MInister Dacic pointed out at the end of the parliament session on Brussels agreement report that the unity is needed and that the point of this government is not to attack Kosovo Serbs to justify the adoption of this document.

Due to a great support to the agreement which was struck with Pristina in Brussles, chances are now lower that this issue will be decided on a referendum.

Stefan Fule Visits Serbia

EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fule came to Serbia yesterday. At the press conference with the Serbian prime minister Ivica Dacic, Fule said ”I came to congratulate you on what you have achieved in recent times, on your European trip, to express support and encouragement to continue in the direction of courageous decisions, commitment and vision.”

”These are special moments not only for you but also for the EU and for me personally,” Fule said.

“The visit represents a new level of the EU engagement in Serbia,” said Fule, noting that further talks would focus on Serbia’s future steps on the European path, such as the implementation of the agreement reached in Brussels, but also reforms.

Vucic: Referendum Possible; Some Claims By Church Untrue

After talking to representatives of Kosovo Serbs about the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, First Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said that “separated and divided in the future we cannot do anything. We have a clear decision by the government, we will have a clear decision by the Parliament as well… If the Kosovo Serbs and some others think that the government and the Parliament do not have the legitimacy, we are willing to accept to allow people’s will to be questioned”, said Vucic referring to a referendum.

He thinks that 80 percent of the people are not happy about the agreement, but understand that the government of Serbia did the only possible thing. “I am certain that the majority of Serbian citizens would say “yes” at the referendum, not to the agreement, but to the future of Serbia”, said Vucic.

First Deputy Prime Minister said that he is disappointed after finding out that some of the claims by the Serbian Orthodox church, which is against the agreement, are untrue.

Aleksandar Vucic said that something like that hurts him, also because “the political qualifications are wrong as well”.

Vucic stated that if Metropolitan Amfilohije wants to be a part of the political race, “he should then form an election list and take part in elections”.

Nikolic: I Kneel Because Of The Crime Committed Against Bosniaks (Video)

President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic apologized yesterday in an interview to Bosnian television BHT for crimes that individuals committed against Bosniaks in the name of Serbia and Serbian people.

“I kneel because of that, I kneel and ask for forgiveness for Serbia because of the crime that was committed in Srebrenica. I apologize for crimes which were committed in the name of our country and our people by any individual”, says Nikolic.

However, Nikolic stopped short of calling the crime in Srebrenica genocide, explaining that everything that had happened in the region of former Yugoslavia had the characteristics of a genocide.

Aleksandar Vulin Resigns

Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija in Government of Serbia, Aleksander Vulin sent his resignation letter to Serbian Government today.

According to him, during the talks with Pristina in Brussels, he has been against the agreement in question and the form in which it was accepted.

“I have promised to the Serbs of Kosovo that the agreement would be different and that I might perhaps achieve the impossible”, said Vulin.

Serbia is yet to vote the agreement in Parliament, while Kosovo has ratified it during an extraordinary parliament session on Sunday.

League Of Social Democrats Of Vojvodina Visits Kosovo And Metohija

Representatives of League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina led by the party leader Nenad Canak placed a wreath on Gazimestan, monument to Serbs fallen in battle with the Ottoman army in 1389.

“While the extremists threaten and demonstrate in Belgrade, delegation of LSV visited Kosovo and ahead of Easter according to Julian calendar, laid a wreath on the monument at Gazimestan with the message “In memory of fallen heroes”, reads the party’s announcement, referring to protests of nationalists which were organized during the past several days in Belgrade against the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina.

LSV concluded that the visit of their delegation to Gazimesta is “a victory of European, and defeat of hateful and divisive polititics”.

“This is another evidence that the European integration are the only way into the good future of Serbia which opens the doors and erases the borders”, the announcement reads.

The monument is located near Pristina, on Kosovo and Metohija, breakaway Serbian province controlled by the Kosovo Albanian authorities.