Merry-Go-Round Breaks, Ten Kids Injured

Ten children, from Pozarevac, town in eastern Serbia, were injured yesterday evening when the merry-go-round the children were using broke in half.

Most seriously injured is one girl which was hit by the metal construction of the merry-go-round, causing severe hip trauma.

Owner of carousel was arrested because playground was operated without license.

Tropical Temperatures In Serbia

Serbia and the countries in the region have been caught in the tropical heat wave, so the temperatures will reach up to 40 degrees Celsius!


This is the third period during this summer when temperatures will go above 35 degrees.

In Belgrade, maximum temperature will be 38 degrees, while most of the other towns in the country will be one degree warmer. We can expect similar temperatures during the following days as well, while mild, short cooling period will start from tomorrow.

Arrogant Town Official Throws Party In The Middle Of Road, Blocks Traffic

Man celebrated birth of granddaughter in the middle of a town street in Krusevac, town in central Serbia, a photo published on Facebook has revealed.

Town official Bratislav Ilcic has brought out a table in the middle of the street during a private celebration, blocking traffic. The police has announced pressing charges, after Ilcic refused to allow police officers to “disrupt” his party.

Ilcic was celebrating birth of his granddaughter in the restaurant “Potkovica” in Rasinskog udarnog bataljona street and on took the restaurant tables out in the street during the celebration.

Krusevac Mayor Bratislav Gasic condemned the behavior of the town official, and said that he will insist on the debate whether Ilcic should still remain on his position.


Humane Debt Collector

Instead of collecting a 300.000 RSD (around 2800EUR) debt from families who did not pay their electricity and phone bills due to poor financial state, private debt collector Marko Vukicevic from Belgrade did something incredible – he took on their debt himself.

“It all began when, after our call due to debt maturity, a woman came into our office and nearly had a stroke. She managed to explain to us that she and her family are having tough times. Neither her husband nor her children were employed, and on that day their refrigerator stopped working. She was desperate. That’s when I decided to take on part of her debt – said Vukicevic to Belgrade daily Blic.

He is hoping that this gesture will not remain the only one, and that colleagues will follow his example.

Bosnian Goalkeeper Shot With A Bullet In The Head During Game Keeps On Playing

During a football tournament in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, goalkeeper of one of the teams “complained about head injury, thinking it was a consequence of hitting his head on the goalpost”.

However, after examination after the game, it was determined that the 51-year-old Dusko Krtalica was hit with a bullet in the back of his head. After the bullet, which was most likely fired as a sign of celebration at one of the weddings nearby hit Krtalica, he continued to defend his goal like nothing had happened.

He took only one goal at the match, but after the game was over he noticed that his hand was getting stiff, and that he has troubles speaking. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors were shocked – at the x-ray image of his head, they could clearly see a bullet inside.

The (un)fortunate goalkeeper was immediately hospitalized and is currently in stable condition.

Husband Delivers Wife’s Baby In The Car

25-year-old woman gave birth early this morning in a car near Belgrade recreational zone Ada Ciganlija.

Her husband actively took part in the delivery as obstetrician even though he is locksmith by trade.

The two of them sat in the car when the woman began going into labor to get from Obrenovac to Belgrade. The 50-kilometer trip was too long for the wife who couldn’t make it for another 3 kilometers so the husband was forced to stop the car and assist with the delivery.

They got a healthy girl, of 3.250 grams and 52 centimeters long.

Serbian Orthodox Church Against Abortion

Council of Serbian Orthodox church announced today its support towards the religious doctors’ initiative for state to ban abortions, except in cases when it’s performed for medical reasons.

Due to “child murder”, population of Serbia loses one average-sized town every year, which shows the deep moral descent, the big crisis of the family, and the lack of true faith in God in many, although most of our people declare themselves as believers, and are believers in basic sense of that word, says the announcement by the council of Serbian Orthodox church.

The council recommended all its eparchies to establish funds for support of families with many children, to act preventively, both as shepherds and therapists, against the plague of immorality, drug addiction, pornography and all other pathogen occurrences which jeopardize the being, soul and the future of Serbian people and all Christian nations.

Bosnians Send Burek Into Space

Inspired by Bosnian comedy show “Nadrealisti” and the episode in which they send Bosnian national dish burek into space, two space enthusiasts from Sarajevo, Adnan Pasic and Emir Hasimbegovic, have succesfully launched a baloon with a camera to space, equipped with, you guessed it, this great meal.

The description under the youtube video says that burek, launched from Sarajevo, traveled 25 kilometers upwards, only to return with a speed od 600 meters per second, “proving that not everyone who leaves Bosnia never comes back.”

Karadjordjevics Finally Buried In Serbia

Earthly remains of King Petar the Second, Queen Aleksandra, Queen Marija and Prince Andrej were buried today in family tomb at Oplenac in central Serbia.

Coffin with remains of King Petar the Second were carried into the family tomb by members of Serbian Military guard, while the remains of other Karadjordjevic family members were carried in by the members of Association “Kingdom of Serbia”.

The burial was attended by members of Karadjordjevic family, President and Prime Minister of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and Ivica Dacic and members of Crown Council.

The burial was also attended by representatives of royal families from many countries, among which members of royal families of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Lichtenstein, Bahrain, Austria, Great Britain. Beside them, a large number of foreign diplomats was also present at Oplenac, among which the ambassadors of USA and Great Britain Michael Kirby and Michael Devenport, as well as President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik.

Five Serbs Freed From Prison In Libya

Five Serbian citizens who were imprisoned in November 2011 by Libyan rebels, under suspicion that they fought on the side of Muammar Gaddafi, returned today to Serbia.

They went to Libya to work at reconstruction of demolished buildings, but they were arrested soon after their arrival in Tripoli.

They were found by the journalists of Russian “Komsomolskaya Pravda” at the Libyan capitol’s airport, in an improvised prison, and notified the Serbian embassy in Libya about it.

Until today’s liberation they were situated in prison in Zintan. During their imprisonment, they were visited once a week by representatives of Serbian embassy in Libya.