Big Brother In Belgrade ZOO! Live Stream Of Animals

At the Belgrade ZOO website, live stream is now available where animal lovers will be able to see certain animals in the ZOO 24h live.

For now, site visitors are able to see six streams, and the cameras have been set in cages of white lions, seals, horses, llamas and kangaroos.

Live stream is completely free, and with this innovation the Belgrade ZOO has become the first in this part of Europe with this kind of offer.

Link where you can see the animals is

17-Year-Old Girl Missing

Ana Ruzic from Krusevac, town in central Serbia, was last seen in her hometown.

Recently she went missing without a clue. It is assumed that she has been kidnapped and that she is victim of human trafficking.

Anyone who knows something about her whereabouts or who have seen her recently are asked to report it to the nearest police station or via telephones:

062 831-77-01 ili 063 832-444-0

Transsexuals Choose Serbia

Miroslav Djordjevic, urologist, professor of Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade and surgeon of sex reassignment surgery, who up until this date performed around 500 sex change surgeries in Serbia and abroad, says in an interview for The Balkans Daily that more and more open attitude towards transsexual persons is resulting in increase of number of people who are “trapped” in other sex’ body who decide to undergo an operation. Due to their skills, Serbian surgeons are among the world leaders regarding the number of performed operations, but also when it comes to training of foreign doctors.

TBD: What makes this procedure so specific?

Djordjevic: Well, this procedure regards the fulfilment of a life-long dream. These are the people who do not accept their body since the earliest days of their lives, since age 4 or 5. Can you imagine what a person whose own body is their biggest enemy feels like, and who lives with those feelings and convictions for decades? I’ll give you one example. I performed an operation on one person who went from male to female sex, one 68-year-old intellectual. After the operation she said to me that she had just started her life, at that age. How to understand a person who is “wasting” an entire creative lifetime, and only begins to live “normally” at the time of her full maturity or old age? Reactions are mostly very touching and filled with emotions. I remain in touch with my patients the entire time after operation, I listen to their stories, and I can say that each patient is a story in itself.


TBD: How much did Serbia change when it comes to accepting transsexual persons? How big is the progress made in the last 10 or 20 years?

Djordjevic: There has been an enormous progress in understanding these persons, in accepting the problem of transsexualism as a condition which is regarded in world medicine as all other illnesses. We’re not talking about some fad, or aesthetics, or fashion… This is an illness like any other. We, on our side have done everything in our power to bring this illness closer to the everyday man. The result of this work is recognition by our state and the desire to help these persons by setting apart money from the state social insurance fund so that the costs of treatment can be covered.

TBD: Why is it that foreigners often decide to undergo this operation in Serbia? Is it the better price or the quality of expertise?

Djordjevic: Many people think that this is a part of medical tourism, that it is cheaper here and such. However, it is not exactly the case. For example, the operation of gallbladder removal is certainly much cheaper in Serbia than elsewhere, and I am not so sure that patients who want to do that come here in large numbers. So, it is more than evident that we get patients from all over the world thanks to only one thing, and that is the fact that we are recognizable by our quality, results, and respect that we get from patients who underwent surgery here.

TBD: How many people underwent surgery here since doctors began performing this operation here in Serbia? Both local and foreign patients?

Djordjevic: I will give you some relevant information. Since the beginning, that is since 1989, more than 250 operations have been performed on patients who come from these regions, i.e. from the region of former Yugoslavia. Since 2006, when I formed my team, up to this date, we have performed more than 400 such surgeries on foreign patients.

Canadian Serb To Build A Bridge

Milomir Glavcic, Serb from Canada, with roots in Josanicka banja, donated to Kraljevo, town in central Serbia, 1,4 million Canadian dollars to finish the construction of the bridge over Ibar river, project which was started last year.

The eighty-year-old Milomir Glavcic lives in Niagara Falls. Even though he hasn’t visited Serbia since 1946, so far he has sent more than five million dollars to Serbia through various donations.

One million euros which was paid to Kraljevo town’s account will be invested in construction of the road bridge over Ibar. The bridge will carry the donor’s name, even though he did not demand it.

Humane Graduates From Pirot

Students of high school in Pirot, town in the south of Serbia, decided to wear cotton t-shirts with the words “Your Five Minutes Of Shine- Somebody’s Entire Life” written on them, and they will donate the money they originally intended for prom suits and dresses to the poorest young people from their town.

“We have several models of t-shirts. Guys will have suit mock-up printed on them, with collars and bow tie, and girls will be printed with flounces and a red bow”, says graduate Mila Djordjev.

She explains that the graduates have been collecting money for the past 6 months, 500 dinars each, but that all was however on the voluntary basis, so “everyone chipped in as much as they could”, so in that way and with the help of sponsors they managed to collect around 300.000 dinars.

Pirot graduates had the same campaign last year as well, saying that “there must be someone who needs help more than we need overpriced clothes which we will wear only once in our lives”.

source: Juzne Vesti

Serbia Celebrates Victory Day

Victory Day over Fascism in Second World War was marked today by placing a wreath in front of Graveyard of Liberators of Belgrade, attended by Serbian state leadership, representatives from embassies of Allies countries, veterans, citizens and students.

Central ceremony was led by Minister of education, science and technological development Zarko Obradovic.

”Even though not a big country, Serbia aligned itself with those countries who fought for freedom, democracy, future and better life of all generations”, said Obradovic, reminding that Serbia paid with great loss of human lives.

”This is the opportunity to remember of those years with pride, to respect the victims and to understand that Serbia, together with others can build the future in the same way it did more than 60 years ago”, said Obradovic. Honors Mihailo Petrovic Alas

Search engine Google dedicated its homepage today to Mihailo Petrovic Alas, Serbian mathematician, academic and most famous Serbian fisherman (hence the nickname Alas – Fisherman).

Mihailo Petrovic Alas was born on May 6th 1868 in Belgrade. He finished the Natural sciences-Mathematics department at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, and then continued his education in Paris, where he was the best student. He got his PhD in differential equations. In 1894 he became professor for group of mathematics subjects at the Great School in Belgrade. He constructed hydro-generator which won him the first prize at the World Expo in Paris in 1900.

He published a large number of articles, patents, textbooks and travelogues from his sea expeditions. He took part in Balkans wars and First World War as an officer.

Tito’s Grave Attracts Large Number Of Visitors

Today marks 33 years since the death of lifetime president of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. His admirers from all former Yugoslav republics have been visiting his grave since this morning in the House of Flowers in Belgrade.

Most of the visitors arrived from Slovenia, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His widow Jovanka Broz was the first one to place flowers on his grave, followed by other visitors, many of whom wore symbols of former country, such as flags, badges and once popular “pioneer” hats.

Josip Broz Tito ruled SFR Yugoslavia since the end of WWII until his death in 1980.

Slight Increase In Number Of Foreign Students

There are only 2.200 foreign students at all universities in Serbia, ten times less than at Belgrade University only during the eighties. Wars, sanctions and isolation all contributed to middle east countries that traditionally sent students to Serbia choosing other countries for cooperation in the field of education.

The students who do come to Serbia say that they will recommend our universities and professors to everyone. Marc O Cribin from Ireland is student of Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies.

”I wanted to study Southeastern European history, MIREES programme allowed for that and specifically gave me the opportunity to come to the region, especially Belgrade to continue that interest. If u wana know why I have an interest in the region, that could take a longer essay type answer, but i travelled through the Former Yugo countries and those 10days were the nicest of a month long trip through all of Europe…and wanted to learn more… There are a lot of comparisons to be made with Ireland… The Good and the Bad (bombs are still going off in my country too)…

This English courses you have has a very high standard and the lecturers i dealt with from the faculty outside of SEES were good too. Serbian language faculty was also good. My contact in the Architecture faculty also says its a higher standard than Slovenia. So please, have more pride in yourselves,” Marc says.

Obstacles for arrival of more foreign students to Serbia are high prices of studies compared to countries in the region. Also, none of Universities in Serbia is on the prestigious “Shanghai list”.

Invasion Of Flies In Central Serbia

Kraljevo, town in central Serbia has been hit by an unprecedented wave of flies that almost covered the entire town in swarms with the first dusk.

Experts believe that a natural phenomenon occurred, because due to the high temperatures three or four generations of flies hatched at the same time.

Predators, birds and bats did not succeed in maintaining ballance, and the result was swarms of flies which flew into passersby mouths and eyes or covered their clothes.

Great number of people taking a walk with their children was completely surprised with this occurrence. They started to panic the moment they realized the insects were gathering in their hair, entering eyes and mouth, or completely covered their clothes.