Cheap Countryside Properties In Serbia

63 percent of the population in Serbia lives in towns. While the price of property in towns and cities is unrealistically high, countryside properties are being sold for next to nothing.

As many as 50.000 country houses have been abandoned while 150.00 are about to be deserted all around Serbia. For years, many rural properties are being sold for symbolic prices. Although, old houses often cost less than 1.000 euros, potential buyers are scarce. Owners can count on less modest profit if their property lies near a larger city, a tourist center or a major traffic route. In remote mountainous areas even legal heirs refuse to take over their properties for free.

Picturesque landscapes, often seen on Serbian tourism promotion posters, showcasing sublime natural beauties, are usually totally abandoned. People have been fleeing these areas for decades. In one such area, a two-store detached house with all amenities has been recently sold for 2.500 euros.

Rare are the ones who decide to return to rural areas. Often, young people from big cities decide to switch their high-speed urban way of life for a rural idyll that can only be found close to natural beauties. However, the first harsh winter and inaccessible roads drive many of them back.

Two years ago, the state doubled financial resources for development of rural areas. Nevertheless, villages are being deserted by a minute.