Degert: We Are Not Asking From Serbia To Recognize Kosovo, But We Do Not Want To Import Conflicts Into EU

Chief of delegation of EU in Serbia Vincent Degert said that it can’t be allowed for Serbia to bring an unresolved conflict into EU, and that it is the reason why the European Union wants the problem to be solved before that, adding that nobody is asking from Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence.

“We do not wish to see Serbia become a member of EU with unresolved disputes with neighbors, and that’s why we insist that both parties discuss the problems, and find a sustainable solution which will make life in Serbia and Kosovo easier”, said Degert.

“We are not asking from Serbia to recognize Kosovo, this is the issue that we do not address at all in the discussions, but we want for Belgrade and Pristina to find a way to normalize relations and offers solutions to their citizens, institutions that function, judiciary that works, trading possibilities”, ended Degert.