Half Of Serbia On Facebook

How many friends does Facebook have in Serbia?

3,570,380 according to the latest figures released by Socialbakers, a web analytics agency. It is Facebook’s 46th biggest market by users in the world.

Given its population, Facebook penetration in Serbia is high at 45.6%.

This figure puts Serbia ahead of stronger economies such as Germany, France, and Italy. As a matter of fact, Serbia makes the top 10 list with respect to the social network’s penetration of population.

A recent research showed that an entire 74,4% population of Serbia spends more than three hours per day on the Internet, most of which is used on social networks or reading news.

Sociologists think that the reason people are spending so much time surfing the internet is not a consequence of a low living standard and the impossibility of using time in a more quality manner, but consider this to be a modern trend and that the similar parameters can be found in more developed countries.