Hristina Popovic Will Play Nikola Tesla’s Sister In Biopic

by Marcus V Agar

Hristina Popović, the acclaimed star of celebrated films Circles and The Parade (Parada), is the latest addition to a cast of award-winners for the Nikola Tesla biopic, TESLA (@TeslaTheMovie).

Hristina, who has become a familiar name at international film festivals for lauded roles in some of the Balkans biggest movies, will play Tesla’s sister Angelina in the most talked-about film in the Balkans.

Most recently, Hristina, aged 31, has impressed audiences and critics for her role in Circles / Krugovi, from director Srdjan Golubović. As well as being awarded at the Berlin Film Festival, this film based on the tragic story of a young Bosnian Serb Srdjan Aleksić, won the Audience Award at the Sofia International Film Festival, and the Special Jury Prize at America’s Sundance Film Festival.

While Nikola Tesla is considered one of the world’s greatest scientists, responsible for some of the most significant discoveries, his name remains unfamiliar to many outside of his Balkan homelands. Director Michael Anton aims to put that right with a script that sheds light on the Serb scientist’s time in the US and explores his relationship with Thomas Edison.

Star of Award-Winning Films Praises TESLA Script

It was the quality of Michael’s script that attracted Hristina to the film. “I am very excited about working on TESLA,’ she said. “In his excellent script, Michael has managed very well to maintain the integrity of Nikola Tesla. It is an honour to contribute to improving the awareness of such an important and great man as the genius inventor, Nikola Tesla.”

For Hristina, a film such as TESLA is long overdue. “I think that Nikola Tesla is a new Prometheus,’ she said. “He is the man who brought light to our civilisation, not only because he gave us Alternating Current, but because of his wise thoughts and numerous patents, which we are still using on a daily basis without even knowing that he was the man who invented it. He was a man who was far ahead of his time. Tesla was a man whose soul and mind danced with the Universe.”

Belgrade actress Hristina has built an illustrious career of often quite bold roles in award-winning films. From an early part in the unforgiving Kordon (2002) to The Parade (2011), the controversial satire on Belgrade Pride and the Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (2013).

Tesla’s Women of Power and Unflinching Character

Michael Anton, writer and director of TESLA said: “We are happy to add such a deservedly celebrated actress such as Hristina to our film. Like Mirjana, Hristina is a woman of power and unflinching character. She will represent the strength of the woman in the Tesla family. I have no doubt that, as with her performances in The Parade and Circles, Hristina will bring a powerful presence to the screen.”

Michael is so determined to get closer to the heart of Tesla that, he will shoot some scenes with Serbian dialogue. “Tesla was a Serb,’ he said. “When speaking with his mother and sisters, Tesla will speak Serbian to help recreate the essence of the man.”

Hristina is the latest to join the cast of TESLA, alongside other actors and actresses whose work has been awarded internationally. Serb actor Branko Tomović, who will play Nikola Tesla, has received a number of international awards, while fellow Serbian actress Mirjana Karanović (Djuka Tesla) starred in Emir Kusturica’s Oscar-nominated movie When Father was Away on Business (1985), the awarded Here and There, and has been especially lauded for her much talked-about role in Grbavica/Esma’s Secret.

“I very much look forward to working with Michael and acting alongside Mirjana Karanovic, one of our greatest actresses of all time,’ said Hristina.

TESLA, produced by Silvermask Films, will shoot in Serbia and the United States in October/November, for release in summer 2014.

“I enjoy every new cast member that comes on board this film,’ said Michael. “We have been privileged to attract such great talent with such memorable performances in their storied careers. With that said, I am sure that everyone is waiting to see who we cast for Thomas Edison. We think we have found the perfect actor for the role but, for now, everyone will have to be patient a little longer.”