Implementation Of Crossings Agreement Begins

Members of Serbian police have arrived at the administrative crossing Brnjak this morning, marking the start of integrated management of that crossing which lies on the regional road Ribarice-Zubin Potok.

KFOR Soldiers, members of EULEX and Kosovo border police and customs are also situated on the crossing, and the traffic functions without longer queues.

At the crossing, only traffic signs are posted, and there are no state symbols.

Kosovo customs officials arrived with a helicopter at the crossing because the road Pristina-Ribarice is blocked at
Zubin Potok.

Unlike integrated crossing Jarinje, the Brnjak crossing is not located at the central Serbia teritorry, but on Kosovo’s side, and fifty meter further away, there is a KFOR base located.

Businessmen and citizens partially blocked the regional road Pristina-Ribarice at Zubin Potok yesterday, with the intent to prevent the arrival of Kosovo customs and police officials to Brnjak crossing and announced that they will stay there until further notice.

Across both road driving lanes there are still trucks, mini-vans and heavy machinery blocking the road. Passenger, EULEX and KFOR vehicles are allowed to go through.