Karadjordjevics Finally Buried In Serbia

Earthly remains of King Petar the Second, Queen Aleksandra, Queen Marija and Prince Andrej were buried today in family tomb at Oplenac in central Serbia.

Coffin with remains of King Petar the Second were carried into the family tomb by members of Serbian Military guard, while the remains of other Karadjordjevic family members were carried in by the members of Association “Kingdom of Serbia”.

The burial was attended by members of Karadjordjevic family, President and Prime Minister of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic and Ivica Dacic and members of Crown Council.

The burial was also attended by representatives of royal families from many countries, among which members of royal families of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Lichtenstein, Bahrain, Austria, Great Britain. Beside them, a large number of foreign diplomats was also present at Oplenac, among which the ambassadors of USA and Great Britain Michael Kirby and Michael Devenport, as well as President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik.