Kissing Spots In Belgrade

“Kissing spots” were marked at nine locations in the city of Belgrade.

The spots are graphic stencils drawn on the pavement in the shape of a square. The idea comes from students of Media and communications faculty (FMK), made during recently held BeFem festival.

In these four “public walls”, as the authors say, all boundaries are erased. “We are opening places where it is allowed to kiss whoever you want, in any way you want (as long as the other person agrees)”, reads the statement posted on the initiative’s Facebook page.

Twenty-one-year old Andjela Ceh, one of the four workshop participants, says that the frequent gathering places of Belgraders were picked for “kissing locations”, where everyone can now “isolate” themselves and kiss the person they wish.

“Those are in a way safe locations where you are allowed to freely and without shame express your feelings”, says Andjela.