Love Between Serbia And Croatia

A photo showing a young couple kissing, with the boy wearing Serbian and the girl Croatian flag was uploaded on image service “imgur”.

User who uploaded the photo described the circumstances that led to its creation.

“College ‘United World’ in Mostar attracts people of more than 40 nationalities. Located in the town which is still divided by war in population’s subconciousness, he became the symbol of new generation of Balkan nations. This year, a Culture parade takes place to mark 50 years of the movement ‘United World’. We all proudly wore our flags through the streets both on Bosnian and Croatian part of town. My Serbian friend was holding hands with his Croatian girlfriend. When an older lady asked her how she can walk besides a Serb, she kissed him. That’s when I took the photo. It is nothing special really, a couple showing affection, but for us here in Mostar, it is evidence that new generations are not willing to continue with war in their minds”, wrote the author of the photo.