Marco Huck: I Am Proud To Be Bosniak From Serbia

Naturalized German Marco Huck (born Muamer Hukic), will box against Ole Afolabi on May 25th in Germany. In a statement before the match in which he will defend the world champion title in VBO class against the challenger Englishman Ole Afolabi said that he is proud of his roots.

“I am proud to be Bosniak, but also to be from Serbia, because I don’t have other country. I will fight with my gloves for Germany, but with my heart for Serbia, and I hope I will bring joy to fans from both countries. I have been preparing for the fight for months, I expect a great fight, a big spectacle, but also a big victory”, said Huck, who was born in 1984 in Sjenica, town in south of Serbia.

Huck is current WBO cruiserweight champion since 2009.