Mountain In East Serbia Believed To Be Noah’s Ark

Mount Rtanj in east Serbia is crawling with tourists because of the alleged magical properties, report Serbian media. Dozens of Australians, Germans and Englishmen have been arriving to this mountain in the last several days.

Reason of their arrival is fear of “the end of the world” that they believe will happen on 21.12.2012.

According to beliefs of foreign tourists, cosmic powers that the mountain has will protect them from the apocalypse. The mountain is also, in some circles in Serbia, believed to be visited by aliens.

Foreign media have also reported on this little known mountain. British Telegraph writes that “those who believe in end of the world scenario think that this mountain, part of the Karpatian, is hiding an ancient pyramidal structure built by aliens several thousand years ago.”

Daily mail also published a detailed report on the East-Serbian mountain, and various TV stations from neighboring countries plan to send their crews there before the “upcoming world’s end.”

There isn’t many believers in this legend in Serbia, but the fact that almost all accommodation on the mountain have been booked speaks that there is a significant number of those who trust the Mayan calendar’s prophecy.