Opposition Party Leader Assaulted

Cedomir Jovanovic, leader of opposition Liberal Democratic party confirmed that he, his wife and his friend who was with them in Szeged in Hungary were attacked by Serbian hooligans.

The incident occurred in a restaurant in Szeged in which Jovanovic walked in with his wife and friend. Red Star supporters, whose waterpolo team was in the same town that day to play a game, were already in the restaurant. According to the now known information, several hooligans attacked Serbian opposition politician.

“They broke my friend’s skull, nose and jaw, because they thought Szeged is the place to defend Kosovo and Metohija. Those were not Red Star fans, they separated us, those were not even humans. When 10 men attempts to beat up one woman, then you can’t say for them that they are gentlemen or men. They are mutants, human scum, and dirt which we are drowning in, and which will drown us if we don’t stand up to it”, said Jovanovic.

“People I had conflict with yesterday are a threat to every normal man and parent, with police records, sentenced for extortion, dealing drugs, attempted murders, and for causing severe injuries. The police knows very well the persons involved and I expect that they will handle the situation as the law prescribes”, Jovanovic pointed out.

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