Tropical Temperatures In Serbia

Serbia and the countries in the region have been caught in the tropical heat wave, so the temperatures will reach up to 40 degrees Celsius!


This is the third period during this summer when temperatures will go above 35 degrees.

In Belgrade, maximum temperature will be 38 degrees, while most of the other towns in the country will be one degree warmer. We can expect similar temperatures during the following days as well, while mild, short cooling period will start from tomorrow.

Arrogant Town Official Throws Party In The Middle Of Road, Blocks Traffic

Man celebrated birth of granddaughter in the middle of a town street in Krusevac, town in central Serbia, a photo published on Facebook has revealed.

Town official Bratislav Ilcic has brought out a table in the middle of the street during a private celebration, blocking traffic. The police has announced pressing charges, after Ilcic refused to allow police officers to “disrupt” his party.

Ilcic was celebrating birth of his granddaughter in the restaurant “Potkovica” in Rasinskog udarnog bataljona street and on took the restaurant tables out in the street during the celebration.

Krusevac Mayor Bratislav Gasic condemned the behavior of the town official, and said that he will insist on the debate whether Ilcic should still remain on his position.


Large Copper Ore Deposit Discovered Near Bor

In the valley of Ujeva river near Bor, town in the east of Serbia, geologists have found a new copper ore deposit, after drilling at the record depth.

The geologists are on the verge of discovering the biggest copper deposit near Bor, after using the modern exploration methods at great depths. The experts discovered this data by using the latest in exploration drills in which in the last two years five million euros were invested in the Bor mine.

The drill on which they are currently working on, will go two kilometers below the ground, which will beat the previous record of 1.650 meters.

Richest Serb Miroslav Miskovic To be Released On €12 Million Bail

Special department of Higher Court in Belgrade set today a 12 million euros bail for owner of Delta Holding Miroslav Miskovic, who is charged of embezzlement and tax evasion.

“After providing evidence to the Court that the bail has been deposited, the accused will be released from detention”, the Higher Court said.

This is the highest ever set bail amount in Serbian judiciary history, 12 times higher than the previous record holder, former president of Football Association of Serbia Zvezdan Terzic who deposited one million euros.

VMRO: One Century Old Serbian War Crimes Should Be Condemned

Macedonian political party VMRO has asked from the government in FYROM to intensify its efforts in shedding light upon the cemeteries of the victims caused by the Serb military, but on the other hand, this party praises the construction of the gigantic memorial in Zajaz for the Albanians killed in 1913 by the Serb government.

According to this party which is led by Lubco Georgievsky, former Prime Minister in FYROM from 1998 until 2002, Macedonians in the country demand for light to be shed on the Serb crimes during the Balkan wars. People’s VMRO says that during this war, crimes and massacres against the population have been perpetrated.

“We praise the construction of the memorial in Zajaz for the Albanians killed in 1913. We are terrified by the testimonies of such crime, where fighters who protected civilians and innocent people, died”, say sources from this party.

People’s VMRO also stresses that this also confirms the existence of Macedonian and Albanian massive cemeteries which have been victims of the Serb terror after the Second World War.

This party says that it’s astonished as to why the government and other relevant institutions have done nothing to clarify the events of the Balkan wars and the First World War.


Jeremic – Independent MP In October

President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic said that he intends to return to Belgrade and be an independent MP after his mandate in the global organisation expires.

In an interview for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Jeremic said that he would return to Belgrade in October so as to be a representative in the parliament of Serbian citizens who appointed him, and added that he has no intention of joining any party for now.

He said that he is an independent MP and added that he is satisfied by the independence for now.

Humane Debt Collector

Instead of collecting a 300.000 RSD (around 2800EUR) debt from families who did not pay their electricity and phone bills due to poor financial state, private debt collector Marko Vukicevic from Belgrade did something incredible – he took on their debt himself.

“It all began when, after our call due to debt maturity, a woman came into our office and nearly had a stroke. She managed to explain to us that she and her family are having tough times. Neither her husband nor her children were employed, and on that day their refrigerator stopped working. She was desperate. That’s when I decided to take on part of her debt – said Vukicevic to Belgrade daily Blic.

He is hoping that this gesture will not remain the only one, and that colleagues will follow his example.

Novak Djokovic Advances To Wimbledon Semifinals

World number one Novak Djokovic reached his 13th consecutive Grand Slam semi-final on Wednesday with a 7-6 (7/5), 6-4, 6-3 win over Czech seventh seed Tomas Berdych in the Wimbledon quarter-finals.

Djokovic has been feeling pretty good about his game, as well. He had 36 winners and 13 unforced errors against Berdych.

“I’ve been playing my best tennis of the year on grass,” Djokovic said. “I’m glad because it’s not my most preferred surface. Hopefully, my experience can help me.”

The top-seeded Serb overcame a double break early in the second set to advance to Friday’s semifinals, where he will play Juan Martin del Potro.

Djokovic won the Wimbledon title in 2011, but lost to eventual champion Roger Federer in last year’s semifinals.

Ya Ya Serbia And The Zen Mind

In my early days in Serbia I thought the phrase ‘Ya Ya Serbeeyaa’, oft heard, meant ‘egg egg Serbia’, or ‘Eggy Serbia’, because I’d learnt that ‘Ya Ya’ means egg in Serbian. However, as I heard this phrase more often, predominantly by older people, and usually with a shake of the head or a roll of the eyes, I realised it was actually a phrase of disparagement and resignation. Basically the person was saying, ‘well this is Serbia, what the f+ck do you expect’? And this one statement could explain everything from the price of milk to corrupt politicians.

My theory is that anyone who has lived a long time in any country usually becomes sensitive to injustices or inefficiencies in that country. And so as people grow older, in any country, they are more inclined to include in their conversation with others some lament about their particular grievance with that country.

In Britain that lament might be, depending on one’s views, any one or more of the following: the condition of road surfaces, the number of speed cameras watching the roads, the rudeness of the young (or old, or shopkeepers), the amount of bureaucracy, the levels of taxes, the European Community’s laws regarding the proper size of a banana, etc, etc, etc.

I suppose a similar phrase in Britain to ‘Ya Ya Serbia’ might be ‘Only in Britain’, and any of the afore-mentioned situations could invoke that statement from neighbours as they talk over the garden fence and crossed their arms, and shook their heads from side to side.

What’s interesting about the phenomenon of ‘Ya Ya Serbia’ or ‘Only in Britain’ is that it’s far less likely to be spoken by foreigners. A Serbian in England or an Englander in Serbia is far less likely to be bothered by those events and situations that really drive the natives crazy? Why is this?

I think that the majority of those issues which really bothers people who’ve lived in a country for a long time are more likely to be the ‘stone in the shoe’ affairs than the life shattering ones.

And so when I hear of, or see, any such minor irritations in Belgrade I shrug but don’t think too much of them. My wife, however, might feel a great sense of ‘Ya Ya Serbia’ because she has heard/felt/experienced a multitude of such specific events in Belgrade over her lifetime and each one planted a ‘small stone in her shoe’ and now each stone feels like a boulder. Her ‘Ya Ya Serbia’ is the cumulative effect of all these little specific events.

So how does ‘Ya Ya Serbia’ tie into Zen? Well apparently Zen monks acquire a sense of peace because they don’t allow all the small irritations and attachments to grow inside them. Unlike us regular human beings they live in the present and don’t harbour a growing list of annoyances – they let things go.

Perhaps, being a foreigner in any country puts one in more of a ‘zen-like’ state. All you see and hear is new, and you are more focussed on the present as you go about your activities. You don’t harbour a long list of location (or personnel) specific minor resentments that can boil over whenever some new (but similar) minor incident occurs because you haven’t been in the country long enough for those ‘stones in the shoe’ to feel like boulders.

Don’t believe me? Take a 3-month holiday in another country and notice how your sense of ‘Ya Ya’ disappears as you focus on your new environment and temporarily let-go of your pet hates.

Bosnian Goalkeeper Shot With A Bullet In The Head During Game Keeps On Playing

During a football tournament in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, goalkeeper of one of the teams “complained about head injury, thinking it was a consequence of hitting his head on the goalpost”.

However, after examination after the game, it was determined that the 51-year-old Dusko Krtalica was hit with a bullet in the back of his head. After the bullet, which was most likely fired as a sign of celebration at one of the weddings nearby hit Krtalica, he continued to defend his goal like nothing had happened.

He took only one goal at the match, but after the game was over he noticed that his hand was getting stiff, and that he has troubles speaking. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors were shocked – at the x-ray image of his head, they could clearly see a bullet inside.

The (un)fortunate goalkeeper was immediately hospitalized and is currently in stable condition.