Parliament Member Insults Police Officers

Police in Vranje, town in the south of Serbia, reported that member of parliament from SNS Dragan Nikolic, from the hood of his car, cursed and insulted police officers and chief of Vranje police precinct Sladjan Velinovic, and then tried to physically attack him.

In the written report sent to media it is written that Nikolic, with group of party members, in a ten-vehicle motorcade, and carrying flags of the party, stopped the motorcade in front of main police precinct in Vranje.

“He climbed to the hood of one of the cars which was in the motorcade, from where he yelled several curses and swear words to police patrol officers and the officer in charge of building security. Also, Nikolic insulted the chief of Police precinct, who was not at the time in the building”, says the report.

After that, the report says, the vehicles continued driving around town, honking along the way.

Nikolic refused to comment on the incident today, but said that the police openly placed itself on the side of one party and prevented SNS members from performing election-related activities.

source: Juzne vesti