Police Detains 16 Immigrants

Police in Nis, town in the south of Serbia, has detained 16 foreigners without travel documents.

In the group, which was discovered this morning around 5AM, there were six Afghanistan citizens, three people from Burkina Faso, two from Mali and one person from Syria, Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria and Gambia.

The illegal immigrants entered Serbia from Macedonia, the police reported.

Serbia is a transit country for people, seeking asylum in the European Union. Some of them request asylum even after having crossed the Serbian border. This allows them to be housed in one of the centres for asylum seekers where they are provided with shelter, food and cloths.

However, many leave the centres without waiting for their asylum requests to be processed after having made contact with people smugglers who promise them safe transfers over Croatian or Hungarian border.

Serbian police has been attempting to identify as many people smugglers as possible aiming to stem their highly profitable illegal business