Politician Hits A Child With His Car

Parliament member from governing Serbian Progressive party (SNS) hit with his car 12-year-old D.R. on a pedestrian crossing in Karadjordjeva street in downtown Smederevo, town in central Serbia, and fled the scene.

Luckily, the child managed to get by with only lighter injuries.

Politician was recognized by eyewitnesses of the accident, so the police went to his house, but he refused to take the blood alcohol test.

Serbian progressive party, where Dragan Colic is a member, after an initiative by Aleksandar Vucic, party’s president, called upon the statutory authority to start a procedure of removing Mr. Colic’s immunity he now has as a parliament member.

Police filed charges against Dragan Colic also last year because of violent behavior and obstructing a police officer on duty.