Slight Increase In Number Of Foreign Students

There are only 2.200 foreign students at all universities in Serbia, ten times less than at Belgrade University only during the eighties. Wars, sanctions and isolation all contributed to middle east countries that traditionally sent students to Serbia choosing other countries for cooperation in the field of education.

The students who do come to Serbia say that they will recommend our universities and professors to everyone. Marc O Cribin from Ireland is student of Interdisciplinary Joint Master’s Programme in South-Eastern European Studies.

”I wanted to study Southeastern European history, MIREES programme allowed for that and specifically gave me the opportunity to come to the region, especially Belgrade to continue that interest. If u wana know why I have an interest in the region, that could take a longer essay type answer, but i travelled through the Former Yugo countries and those 10days were the nicest of a month long trip through all of Europe…and wanted to learn more… There are a lot of comparisons to be made with Ireland… The Good and the Bad (bombs are still going off in my country too)…

This English courses you have has a very high standard and the lecturers i dealt with from the faculty outside of SEES were good too. Serbian language faculty was also good. My contact in the Architecture faculty also says its a higher standard than Slovenia. So please, have more pride in yourselves,” Marc says.

Obstacles for arrival of more foreign students to Serbia are high prices of studies compared to countries in the region. Also, none of Universities in Serbia is on the prestigious “Shanghai list”.

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