Europe Protects Serbian Cemeteries In Kosovo

European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin has demanded in the European Parliament that the authorities in Pristina urgently find and condemn the perpetrators of the attack on Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo and Metohija.

“What happened in Kosovo was truly inconceivable and unacceptable. It is the elementary respect of the living towards the dead, but also to the future,” said Kacin.

He called upon Serbian and Albanian leaders to find a compromise solution for the monument honoring the terrorist OVPMB in Presevo, dismantled by the Serbian authorities from the central town square.

In the past three days across Kosovo and Metohija several dozens Serbian tombstones and memorials have been desecrated, and shots were fired at monument in center of Gorazdevac.

It is assumed that Albanians, who are majority population in Kosovo and Metohija, have destroyed Orthodox gravestones as a sign of retaliation for removal of monument honoring members of Albanian terrorist group OVPMB in south Serbia four days ago.

Albanians Protest Monument Removal

Protest gathering was held in center of Presevo against removal of monument to fallen members of OVPMB, terrorist Albanian organization who fought against Serbian army and military. The demonstrations took place without incidents ending at 13h.

Protest signs and several Albanian flags, carried by citizens, were seen at the demonstrations. Before the gathering, a meeting of Albanian political party leaders took place, but the results of that meeting are still unknown.

Representatives of OSCE mission were also present in Presevo.

United States Embassy came out with a statement in the meantime. Embassy’s press attaché Steven Stark said that the USA invite both Serbian and Albanian side to continue looking for the long-term and permanent solution in cooperation with the OSCE.

Illegally erected monument honoring fighters of the terrorist OVPMB in center of Presevo, town in south of Serbia, was removed yesterday, and the removal action took place without incidents.

Albanian Reaction To Presevo Monument Removal Expected

After the monument to OVPMB fighters was removed from the square in Presevo, all six Albanian political parties from south of Serbia held separate meetings.

It was announced that a protest walk through the town will be organized tomorrow, and a message to the autorities in Belgrade and to the international community will be sent at the end of the protest.

President of one of the Albanian local parties Riza Halimi said that Serbia has missed a great opportunity to accept a compromise, which was prepared at yesterday’s meeting and gave priority to extraordinary measures through use of force. In his words, leaders of the Albanian parties will persevere in demanding their legitimate rights through dialogue.

Ahead of the press conference, several dozens citizens gathered at the spot where the monument was placed, enclosed it with ribbons and lit candles.

Ambassador of Albania in Belgrade, who came to Presevo today. also met with leaders of Albanian parties.

Disputed Monument In Presevo Removed

In Presevo, town in south of Serbia with majority Albanian population, the disputed monument to fighters of OVPMB, terrorist Albanian organization, who fought against Serbian army and military, was removed this morning.

Action of removing the monument took place without incidents. Gendarmerie, the elite unit of the Serbian police, secured the town center while a crane loaded the problematic monument onto a truck.

Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that Serbia has shown plenty of patience, but also sent out a strong and firm message that the law must be abided and that nobody is above the state.

Local government in Presevo is composed of Albanian community parties who refused to remove the monument for a long time.

Albanians Against Removal Of Monument

Members of Presevo municipality assembly, mostly Albanians, have repeated their decision yesterday at an extraordinary assembly session that they are against removal of monument to members of the terrorist group OVPBM.

They pointed out to the decision of local authorities from 2007, when the plateau in front of the local municipality building got the name Square of The Fallen Soldiers. With that in mind, the local authorities will start an initiative for its legalization.

The assembly members also concluded that the political and security situation in the municipality is “jeopardized, mostly by the threatening statements of Serbian top officials and politicians”, referring to statements made by Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and President Tomislav Nikolic.

Presevo municipality assembly members supported the dialogue started by the Albanian political representatives with the Serbian government officials, moderated by the international community.

Dangerous Demolition Workers

Serbian police stopped 14 young men from Belgrade, Sabac and Krusevac on Sunday morning who intended to go to Presevo, town in south of Serbia, and destroy the monument dedicated to Albanian terrorists erected in that town.

The police stopped them on the highway near Nis, city in south of Serbia some 150 kilometers from Presevo, and then detained them in a police station where they were interrogated for several hours.

According to Belgrade media, they didn’t have fire arms, but sledgehammers, mallets and crowbars.

The arrested men denied they were going to destroy the monument, claiming instead they just wanted to “visit” Presevo.

Monument in Presevo, town in south of Serbia with majority Albanian population, has for the last month been a conflict point between Serbian PM Ivica Dacic, who wants it removed, and the local Albanian politicians who refused to do it.

Dacic Vs Monument To Terrorists

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic invited local authorities of Presevo, town in south of Serbia, to remove the monument honoring fallen fighters of so-called Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja (LAPBM), or he will have it torn down.

In 2000, members of the paramilitary fought against the Serbian army in places with majority Albanian population in south of Serbia.

“Some say that I do not dare tear down the monument honoring those who killed police officers. Either you remove the monument yourselves, or I’ll have it torn down, because in each and every part of Serbian territory it is the government of Serbia that has executive authority”, said Dacic.

In Presevo, town in south of Serbia, a memorial plaque was set up in the end of November with names of 27 members of the so-called Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja Liberation Army.

Political representatives of Albanian community made a statement earlier this year saying that if Dacic wants to remove the memorial plaque, he should come and do it himself.