Kosovo Doesn’t Accept A Treaty Of Peace, Serbia Expecting The Date For The Start Of Negotiations With The EU

Whilst talks continue to be held for the implementation of the agreement, parties have different interpretations and expectations for it. Meanwhile analysts in Kosovo warn for the birth of the Republic of Serbia in Kosovo.

The deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hajredin Kuçi has said that this week, parties will come up with an implementation plan for the agreement reached in Brussels on April 19. But he insists that he’s sure that there won’t be a Treaty of Peace with Serbia. “There will not be a Treaty of Peace with Serbia without the problem of the Albanians in the Valley of Presevo being solved first”, said Kuçi.

Meanwhile, the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic has said that Serbia is now expecting aid for economic development and more investments. He expressed his conviction that in June, Serbia will be given the date for the start of negotiations with the EU.

“We demand Pristina to respect the Agreement and not to compensate for something that it has not had. I’d like to stress that Serbia has its own important and crucial issues, besides those that are mentioned, focusing on the economic development and investments”, said Vucic commenting the declarations of the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle who said that the agreement is a condition for Serbia if it wants to be given the date for the start of negotiations with the EU in relation to its accession.

Yesterday, Westerwelle has appealed for the implementation of the agreement, which aims the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia.

“The implementation of the Brussels Agreement is the main condition for further progress of Serbia in the European path”, said Westerwelle.

Germany is amongst those EU countries which have appealed the most to Serbia to remove its parallel structures from the North of Kosovo and normalize relations with it if it wants to make progress in the integrating process.

Meanwhile, analysts in Kosovo say that this situation may lead to the creation of a Serb Republic in Kosovo.

“Now, with the First Agreement for the Normalization of Relations (2013 Brussels Agreement), which has been accepted by the Delegation of Kosovo and that of Serbia, the autonomy of the Serbs of Kosovo is expanded in domains which were not sanctioned in the Agreement of Rambouillet or the Proposal of Ahtisaari, such as the justice system, police and political institutions. Therefore, we may face the creation of a new SrpskaRepublic and if the Serbs of Kosovo make the most of it, then at the end of this decade we may have a political entity such as SrpskaRepublic”, says analyst Shkelzen Gashi.

Kosovo is negotiating about the implementation of the Agreement and parties are also discussing the technical side of things.

source: balkaneu.com

Vucic: Serbia Choosing Between Two Bad Things

After returning from negotiations with representatives of Pristina in Brussels, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia has to choose between the two bad options.

“Serbia is in a dramatically difficult situation. We have to choose between two terribly difficult things – whether to accept a very bad plan for Serbia people in Kosovo, or to refuse to sign the deal, which would be a very hard and bad news for Serbia”, said Vucic in an interview to Serbian national television RTS.

“Consequences of refusing the solution is closing the doors of Serbia in the world, less money for budget and economy, pressures on the political scene, and on the other hand if we accept the bad solution, it is question how our people in Kosovo will accept that” says Vucic and explains that Serbia is “between a rock and a hard place.”

Aleksandar Vucic also said that the final decision has not been made, and that Serbia can state its position in the next three days.

Serbian Government Reshuffle Becoming More Imminent

Commenting on the frequent statements of coalition partners from Serbian Progressive Party, Serbian Prime Minister did not exclude the possibility of the increasingly imminent reshuffle of Serbian government.

“If someone starts that topic, we have to define the cabinet reshuffle – whether we want a new government, or just changes within the current one”, said Dacic.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that there will be no change of prime minister, because at the moment that would be a bad message, but that the cabinet reshuffle will probably take place.

“If we want, and if we are unsatisfied with the Prime Minister’s work, we will demand new elections, and let the people give their vote to whoever they want”, said Vucic.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s popularity has been on the rise after a series of arrests of persons suspected of corruption, among which the richest Serbian Miroslav Miskovic. On the other hand, popularity of Ivica Dacic is declining. His meetings with Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci and the transfer of Serbian people’s dissatisfaction with the approaching decision to swallow the bitter pill of admitting the reality of Albanian domination in Kosovo show that the trend of his popularity decline will continue in the future.

Police: Crime Organizations Planned To Sabotage Prime Minister’s Airplane

Police directorate notified Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic that, based on the intel by the Security Information Agency (BIA), the Agency found out that leaders of certain crime syndicates intended to cause malfunction at the Prime Minister’s or Deputy Prime Minister’s aircraft during his travel abroad, with the help of certain persons who have the access to the government’s airplane, reported the Ministry of the Interior this evening.

The malfunction would cause partial damage, and after take-off it would lead to plane crash, making it impossible to determine that the malfunction had been deliberately caused, because the plane had to be repaired several times lately, which is something that the public was already aware of.

Prime Minister, who is currently visiting Ireland, was notified of the discovery. After consultations between Dacic, who is today visiting Dublin, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vucic, it has been decided that the international activities continue.

Poll Results: Corruption Down

Results of a newly conducted survey show that the number of those who see progress in fight against corruption in Serbia has risen.

The research presented in “Media center” showed that 41 percent of surveyed citizens think that the level of corruption will be lower in 2013. Results also show that the support of the public towards the government has risen drastically.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who is in charge of fight against corruption, has stated that the anti-corruption fight is not his personal agenda, nor an independent political program, but a process in which all state institutions are involved with, in order to make Serbia a better place to live.

Vucic said that a successful fight against corruption creates a better atmosphere for foreign investments, and that Serbia will be in advantage over other countries, if it is successful in the anti-corruption efforts.

Incident In Serbian Government Building

Ljiljana M. (54) tried to enter Serbian government building armed with a handgun. Serbian media reported that she tried to reach the office of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Ljiljana came from Sombor, town in north of Serbia, in the morning, with the intent to talk to Vucic and ask for his help. She threatened to commit suicide if she is not allowed to see Vucic.

Police discovered during routine scan that Ljiljana M. had a weapon in her purse.

Police managed to disarm her without use of force. The woman was later sent to medical and psychological examination.

Politician Hits A Child With His Car

Parliament member from governing Serbian Progressive party (SNS) hit with his car 12-year-old D.R. on a pedestrian crossing in Karadjordjeva street in downtown Smederevo, town in central Serbia, and fled the scene.

Luckily, the child managed to get by with only lighter injuries.

Politician was recognized by eyewitnesses of the accident, so the police went to his house, but he refused to take the blood alcohol test.

Serbian progressive party, where Dragan Colic is a member, after an initiative by Aleksandar Vucic, party’s president, called upon the statutory authority to start a procedure of removing Mr. Colic’s immunity he now has as a parliament member.

Police filed charges against Dragan Colic also last year because of violent behavior and obstructing a police officer on duty.

Vucic: Nobody Above Serbia

After the arrest of the wealthiest Serb Miroslav Miskovic, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who is in charge of fight against corruption, stated in a previously scheduled interview on national television RTS that “no individual is stronger than the Serbian state.”

“It is question what we can do for citizens, because words are not important, but the stolen and misused money”, said Vucic.

“I see that people are glad to have realized today that nobody can make deals with the state when crime and corruption are concerned, and I am proud of the fact we gave that possibility to the prosecutors, and the police. I see that it is not easy, because I listened to some pundits today (close to the previous government) who said ‘they picked some people just because they are symbols, to show using them how powerful they are’. I ask those pundits – why didn’t your favorite parties do that, were they corrupt, or just didn’t have the guts to do it”, asked Vucic.

Deputy Prime Minister Vucic Addresses UN Council On Hague

Deputy PM of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said at the UN Security council meeting dedicated to the work of Hague Tribunal that Serbia will lower its cooperation with the Tribunal down to technical level only.

Unsatisfied with the verdicts Vucic asked: “Who is responsible for killings of Serb civilians on Croatian territory and the biggest ethnic cleansing on European soil since the Second World War?”

Vucic said that the Tribunal did not pronounce anyone guilty for more than 1500 murdered and 250000 exiled Croatian Serbs and for other crimes against civilians during military operation “Storm”, even though the court concluded that the crimes were undoubtedly committed.

He thinks that the acquittal of KLA leaders Ramus Haradinaj, Idriz Baljaj i Lahi Brahimaj has similar effects, and stated that those proceedings were marked by unfathomable errors made by the prosecution and court councils.

Vucic asked for the possibility to allow persons convicted for war crimes to continue serving their sentences in countries they are from.

Vucic: We Will Not Lie To People

Serbian Deputy Prime Minister and defense minister Aleksandar Vucic said that everything that is going to happen regarding Kosovo future will be painful for Serbia. He announced an increased diplomatic activity which will speed up the developments.

“It is our duty to get as much as possible for our county and our people, and lose as little as we have to. That is, I would say, the best definition of our task”, said Vucic.

Deputy PM announced a meeting with Serbs from North Kosovo and those living south of river Ibar in order to examine the possilibity to fulfil all the obligations taken by the previous government, while at the same time preserving the national interests and continue with the process of European integration. “We will not lie to the people… If someone thinks that anything related to Kosovo problem is going to be easy, that person is delusional”, he said.

Vucic said that Serbia is very worried about the possible developments after the Hague tribunal pronounces verdict on Ramus Haradinaj on Thursday.