Mother And 5-Year-Old Daughter Murdered In Krusevac

Police arrested Radoslav Marinkovic (67) suspected of murdering Danijela M. (42) and her daughter M.M (6).

Marinkovic murdered Danijela M. and the girl by shooting at them on the staircase in the building where they lived. Danijela M. died on the way to the hospital due to gunshot wounds. She had a perforating wound in the lower part of stomach. The girl died on the scene after she was shot in the heart.

After firing shots in Danijela M. and the girl, Marinkovic walked out on the street and requested a mobile phone from the first passer-by in order to give himself up to the police. Since the passer-by didn’t have a phone, he walked towards the other and said:

“Give me the mobile. I have to report myself to the police. I killed my wife!”

Serbian media reports that Radoslav and Danijela were in a relationship. The murdered girl was victim’s daughter from her previous marriage.

New Year Attacker Admits Guilt

Marko Kostic (23), who wounded seven young men he did not even know during the new year celebration at Republic Square in Belgrade, admitted he committed the crime to the police.

“I don’t know why I attacked them, I was drunk”, Kostic said.

During the town celebration of the new year in Belgrade, Kostic injured with a knife Belgraders Dejan V, Lazar I. and Djordje K, citizens of Republika Srpska Darko P. and Kresa S. and Tunisians  Muhammed Ayman and Selim bin Salah. The victims identified Marko Kostic from a photo the police had shown to them.

There are already several legal proceedings being held against Kostic, due to theft in Belgrade and violent behavior in Krusevac, town in central Serbia.

Girl Raped In Downtown Belgrade

29 year-old P. K. was raped during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in a garage in Makedonska street in Belgrade.

Belgrade media report that the rapist first beat up the girl, and then threw her in the car, where he raped her, threatening her with a knife.

The girl was hospitalized with heavy injuries, report Belgrade media.

Rape in a public place, such as a garage, is rare in Serbia.

According to criminal law, punishment for rape is from 5 to 15 years, if the victim is heavily injured.

Police are searching for the attacker.

Vucic Strict Towards Miskovic

Certain pressure is being made in order for the Delta Holding owner Miroslav Miskovic to be released from incarceration, said yesterday deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense Aleksandar Vucic, adding that there is no valid ground for such a thing, but also that he would see such outcome as his own personal defeat.

“I am not the one who makes decisions about this, it is first of all a question for the investigative judge and the prosecutors”, said Vucic, responding to journalist’s question on whether Miskovic will be released from the incarceration.

“Whether they will manage to stand up against it, as far as I am concerned… I heard some announcements that Miskovic will be released before New Year… there are different kinds of pressures being made, and I even find it funny when I listen to some people who took his side and talk about what’s the truth and what’s not”, said Vucic.

He said that he refuses to debate on that topic, and talk about how many lies were said by those who defend Miskovic in public in the past two days. Vucic said that if Miskovic is released from incarceration, he will see that as a defeat of our politics in general, but also as his own personal defeat, and added that he is not ashamed to admit that.

Police Officer And Two Robbers Killed During Robbery

Police officer Miroslav Stamenkovic (1985) from Leskovac, died in a shootout that occurred during a robbery of jewelry “Unca” in Vlasotince, town in south of Serbia, this morning around 8.30 AM. Two robbers died in the shootout, while third robber was arrested, police sources confirmed.

The police confirmed that Darinko V. from Berane (Montenegro) and Velibor L. from Bijelo Polje (Montenegro) died, while trying to rob the jewelry shop. The third robber Adnan S. from Berane (Montenegro) was arrested and brought in police custody in Vlasotince.

Jewelry shop owner Bogoljub Djekic saw what was going on via video surveillance, turned on the alarm and called the police.

“Two shop workers were inside, and they were tied and closed in a room. I saw by the way they tied them that they were hardened criminals”, says Djekic.

Police officers were immediately sent to the scene, where they spotted the three robbers.

According to police, the robbers fired the first shots and shot Stamenkovic in the chest. He died on the way to the hospital of inflicted wounds.

Richest Serb Arrested!

Police arrested Miroslav Miskovic, owner of “Delta Holding” and the richest Serb, early this morning!

According to RTS – Serbian National Television, Miroslav Miskovic, his son Marko Miskovic, businessman Milo Djuraskovic and six other persons are arrested.

Miroslav Miskovic was questioned in police two times during the last week.

Also, his son Marko Miskovic and their business partner Milo Djuraskovic, had to report to police few days ago.

Serbian High Official Not Part Of Olympics Tickets Scandal

This morning, a news appeared in Serbian media that former rower and current general secretary of Serbian Olympic committee Djordje Visacki will face a fine by the International Olympic committee for being involved in dealing of tickets for Olympic games in London on the black market.

According to media, Djordje Visacki will be banned from working in international Olympic committees, and will have to face the fine by the national committee as well.

Media further says that he is one of the Olympic officials against whom disciplinary measures were taken for undermining the reputation of the Olympic games.

Besides Visacki, five other high officials from three states are involved in the case, and the discovery was made by “Sunday Times” journalists, who worked undercover.

Article on controversial ticket sales was published before the competition, and the International committee ordered national committees after the investigation to fine all those involved in the scandal, and decided to ban them from future involvement in international Olympic institutions.

However Serbian Olympics Committee and the president of European Olympics Committee and IOC member Patrick Hickey have denied this information. They claim that the media misinterpreted the conclusion of the IOC and caused damage to Djordje Visacki’s reputation.