Opposition Democratic Party’s Offices Torched

Early this morning in Cuprija, town in central Serbia, offices of opposition Democratic Party were burned. Sources from this party say that most probably a molotov cocktail was thrown in through the window from the rear side of the building. The Democrats say that entire party documentation, inventory and electric devices were destroyed in fire.

Quick intervention of the fire department stopped further spreading of the fire to neighboring offices.

This is the third fire in political party offices in Cuprija in the last month. Offices of opposition DSS were burned mid-January, while headquarters of municipality committee of third opposition party, LDP was torched on February 5th.

Democratic party in Cuprija condemned burning of party offices and demanded from the police to find the perpetrators of frequent arsons as soon as possible.

Vuk Jeremic Expelled From Democratic Party

President of the United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic was expelled today from Democratic Party, after he failed to comply with the party top decision on returning the parliament member mandate he holds in the Serbian Assembly.

“Exchange of opinions and arguments are always welcome in Democratic party, and after the party organs make a decision, it is obligatory for all party members, no exceptions”, said the statement by the Democratic party after the party’s executive board session.

The party’s explanation says that Jeremic was expelled because he did not comply with the decision by the Democratic party executive committee and breach of the party statute.

Anonymous Hack Websites Of Two Biggest Political Parties

Hackers from the group “Anonymous” attacked yesterday official website of biggest Serbian political party, Serbian Progressive Party, also part of the government. After that, they managed to hack website of biggest opposition and second biggest party in Serbia, the Democratic party.

Yesterday was a busy day for all political parties in Serbia, because talk of new elections are becoming more frequent, so the both parties’ websites had a lot of visitors. Several hours after the diversion, both sites have been fixed and are now working normally.

The Anonymous reported on the attack ont their twitter account, using hashtag #tangodown, like their American colleagues.

However, both parties denied they were targets to a cyber attack.

Former Prime Minister Writes Book

Mirko Cvetkovic, Serbian Prime Minister from 2008 to 2012, wrote a book titled “Arguments and prejudices”.

In the book, among other things, he writes about the work of the government he led, which he considers to have done many good for Serbia.

Cvetkovic thinks that the history should be the final judge, and not adversaries’ propaganda.

The new government has been criticizing the work of his government since it was formed 3 months ago. The main complaint they have is great outside debt that Serbia has, and which was created during Cvetkovic-led government.

On demands made by Democratic party’s leader Dragan Djilas, and after failing to create a better result on last elections, Mirko Cvetkovic renounced his representative place in the Parliament.

Djilas President Of Democratic Party, Tadic Honorary President

Dragan Djilas was elected for president of the Democratic party, biggest opposition party in Serbia. He won over the opponent Branimir Kuzmanovic by winning 85 percent of the party delegates’ votes.

Boris Tadic, the previous party leader, who decided not to run for party president, was chosen for honorary president.

Djilas, who is also mayor of Belgrade, said that he is sure the Democratic party will have the strength to implement the social program defined in Belgrade in the entire country, adding that in two months party will present its plan for Serbia’s recovery from economic crisis.

Djilas is the fourth leader of the Democratic party since its founding in 1990.

Mr. Djilas was born in 1967 in Belgrade. He is married, and has four children.

Tadic Withdraws From Party Presidential Race

Two-time president of Serbia and leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, has announced he will not seek reelection.

At the meeting of the top Democratic Party officials, Tadic has confirmed he will remain a party member. However, he expects to be elected an honorary party president. Tadic claims the consensus is much needed within the party after many months of his inter-party feud with the Mayor of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas.

“The Democratic Party made many mistakes in the past three months. At the forthcoming session of the main board, the Democratic Party has to prevent all divisions and demonstrate unity. Unity is our imperative. Unity is the issue of the utmost importance for the Democratic Party”, Tadic said.

Reacting to Tadic’s decision, President of the UN General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, who is also a Democratic Party official, has said he does not consider it a good move. Jeremic says he cannot support Tadic’s withdrawal from the inter-party presidential race.

Former Defense Minister, Dragan Sutanovac, has followed Tadic suite by dropping his candidacy for another term as the party’s vice-president.

The Democratic Party convention, which is to elect a new leadership, has been set for November 25.

Tadic’s Conditional Withdrawal

Leader of the opposition Democratic Party and former Serbian President, Boris Tadic, has said he is ready to withdraw from the forthcoming inter-party leadership race. Mr. Tadic also says he is ready to support his rival for the leading position in the party, the Mayor of the Serbian capital Belgrade, Dragan Djilas.

A new leader of the largest opposition party in Serbia will be chosen at the party convention on November 10. Calls for Mr. Tadic to step down have been increasingly prominent since the party election losses in May.

Last month, after Mr. Djilas, a former vice-president of the Democratic Party, announced his candidacy, Boris Tadic reacted by saying he understood his rival’s big ambition. However, until today, it seemed both candidates would contend for the leadership. Therefore, the latest announcement comes as a shock for the Serbian public.

However, Boris Tadic did condition his withdrawal from the race. He demands that Dragan Djilas refrains from any inter-party revenge against officials who were ready to reelect Mr. Tadic the party president. Tadic also requests that the party remains on the present social-democratic political course.

If Mr. Djilas confirms his readiness to meet these conditions, Tadic promises to renounce all future party positions, planning to continue his career working for international organizations.

Boris Tadic was both Serbian president and leader of the Democratic Party for 8 year. He has been the party member since it was founded in 1990 on the eve of reintroduction of the multiparty political system after decades of communism in Serbia.

Former Serbian President Awarded

Former Serbian President, Boris Tadic, and Croatian President, Ivo Josipovic, have been awarded the Medal of Tolerance. The medal is awarded by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, chaired by former Polish President, Alexander Kwasniewski.

Reacting to the news, leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, has reminded that he and his Croatian colleague have made a break with the tradition of conflict dominance while expressing a level of mutual understanding atypical for bilateral relations in the region.

President Josipovic sees the award as a result of common efforts to achieve reconciliation and spread tolerance.

Former Serbian President has criticized the current Serbian government evaluating certain statements by current ministers as irresponsible. He has added Serbia is a step further from setting a clear date for the EU accession talks than it was before the May election. He blamed the electoral campaign and prolonged talks that led to creation of new coalition government for the delay.

The first laureate of the Medal of Tolerance was King of Spain Juan Carlos.
This year’s laureates will receive the medal at the ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels. The award will be presented to them by President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on October 16.