Good-Bye Jat, We’re Going To Miss You

From this day, Serbian airline Jat will no longer exist under that name. After 66 years, it will change the name to “Air Serbia”.

The new company will be formed together with “Etihad”, foreign partner from Middle East. Serbian state will own 51 percent of the company, and “Etihad” 49, but also the management of the company.

According to projections, the new company could have 22 airplanes, while the flights will mostly connect former Yugoslav republics and Europe with Middle East, Australia and America. Etihad is a company with 77 aircrafts and has around 10 million passengers per year, and the experts agree that the arrival of that company should bring in more connections and cheaper tickets.

Predecessor of “Jat” was airline “Aeroput”, founded in 1927. Two decades later, the name was changed to Yugoslav Air Transport (Jugoslovenski aerotransport) and soon becomes leading airline in the Balkans with direct overseas flights to America and Australia.