Bosnian Goalkeeper Shot With A Bullet In The Head During Game Keeps On Playing

During a football tournament in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, goalkeeper of one of the teams “complained about head injury, thinking it was a consequence of hitting his head on the goalpost”.

However, after examination after the game, it was determined that the 51-year-old Dusko Krtalica was hit with a bullet in the back of his head. After the bullet, which was most likely fired as a sign of celebration at one of the weddings nearby hit Krtalica, he continued to defend his goal like nothing had happened.

He took only one goal at the match, but after the game was over he noticed that his hand was getting stiff, and that he has troubles speaking. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors were shocked – at the x-ray image of his head, they could clearly see a bullet inside.

The (un)fortunate goalkeeper was immediately hospitalized and is currently in stable condition.