Serbian Government Reshuffle Becoming More Imminent

Commenting on the frequent statements of coalition partners from Serbian Progressive Party, Serbian Prime Minister did not exclude the possibility of the increasingly imminent reshuffle of Serbian government.

“If someone starts that topic, we have to define the cabinet reshuffle – whether we want a new government, or just changes within the current one”, said Dacic.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that there will be no change of prime minister, because at the moment that would be a bad message, but that the cabinet reshuffle will probably take place.

“If we want, and if we are unsatisfied with the Prime Minister’s work, we will demand new elections, and let the people give their vote to whoever they want”, said Vucic.

Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic’s popularity has been on the rise after a series of arrests of persons suspected of corruption, among which the richest Serbian Miroslav Miskovic. On the other hand, popularity of Ivica Dacic is declining. His meetings with Kosovo Prime Minister Hasim Taci and the transfer of Serbian people’s dissatisfaction with the approaching decision to swallow the bitter pill of admitting the reality of Albanian domination in Kosovo show that the trend of his popularity decline will continue in the future.

Prime Minister: Humiliated Serbia Is A Factor Of Instability

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic invited EU countries to make an effort and achieve minimum of mutual interests with Serbia in solving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia’s road to EU.

It is a Serbian national interest to join EU, and that government and top state officials’ position is indisputable, said Dacic.

“I want to say this once again, we are not doing this for EU, but for Serbia and Serbian citizens”, said Dacic.

Dacic said at the beginning of Kopaonik Business Forum that he believes that it is mutual interest of Serbia and EU to be strategic partners in solving these issues that are of great importance for Serbia, so that the country could become a stability factor in the Balkans.

“An unstable Serbia, whose people are humiliated, can be a factor of instability, and we wish for Serbia to be a synonym for peace and safety”, said Serbian Prime Minister.

Police: Crime Organizations Planned To Sabotage Prime Minister’s Airplane

Police directorate notified Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic that, based on the intel by the Security Information Agency (BIA), the Agency found out that leaders of certain crime syndicates intended to cause malfunction at the Prime Minister’s or Deputy Prime Minister’s aircraft during his travel abroad, with the help of certain persons who have the access to the government’s airplane, reported the Ministry of the Interior this evening.

The malfunction would cause partial damage, and after take-off it would lead to plane crash, making it impossible to determine that the malfunction had been deliberately caused, because the plane had to be repaired several times lately, which is something that the public was already aware of.

Prime Minister, who is currently visiting Ireland, was notified of the discovery. After consultations between Dacic, who is today visiting Dublin, and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Aleksandar Vucic, it has been decided that the international activities continue.

Prime Minister: I Did Not Give Away Secrets To Criminals

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said that the meetings he had with Rodoljub Radulović in 2008, are absolutely not related to crime. Radulovic was later charged of being a member of a drug cartel, and is now in hiding.

“I have nothing to hide here. Once again, no crime has been committed nor there were any secrets being given away. On the contrary, all those people I am talking about, who I used to know, are in jail or wanted by the police. So what did I do to help them? And it will be like that in the following period as well”, said Dacic.

Prime Minister added that he learned a great deal out of everything that had happened.

“I learned an important lesson, and that is to be careful who I meet and that I have to have good services to protect me, or better said to protect the institution of the president of the government or Minister of the Interior. That wasn’t the case in the previous period, unfortunately, and it was possible for the things that had happened to happen”, said Dacic.

Serbian Prime Minister To Attend Prayer Breakfast With Obama

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic will attend the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington hosted by the American President Barack Obama. During his stay in Washington, which started yesterday, Dacic will have a number of significant meetings with representatives of American administration and the security sector.

Previously, Serbian Prime Minister met with the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Miller and said that the two of them agreed on that institution helping Serbian counterparts, but also on data exchange.

Dacic also talked in Washington with congressmen Robert Aderholt, Eliot Angel, Dan Rorabecker and Ted Po.

Serbian Prime Minister said that the goal of hiss meeting with the congressmen was for them to be acquainted with Serbian government’s political platform and priorities, first of all in area of European integration and the continuing effort to find the solution to problems in Kosovo and Metohija.

“Serbian government is doing everything in its might to secure better life for its citizens, attract foreign investments, and establish best possible relations in the region”, said Dacic.

Candid Camera Episode With Prime Minister Dacic Will Not Air

Producers of Serbian candid camera gave up on airing the episode in which Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic is a guest in a talk show talking to a female host who is not wearing any underwear. The episode was supposed to be aired today on that show’s website.

PR service of candid camera show “Mission Impossible” has published an official announcement, in which they explain the decision not to air the episode. The show team claims they were surprised by the statement of adviser for national security of Prime Minister, Ivica Toncev, that the episode was aimed at destroying the country’s reputation.

“We will respect the ban imposed on the said episode, so we will not air it, but we think that the Prime Minister and Minister of the interior made a mistake for bringing such decision, because the episode would have shown how profesional and without any comments the entire interview was conducted, regardless of the unusual circumstances,” reads the statement.

Liberal Government Of Serbia: Prime Minister Interviewed By A Host With No Panties On

Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic was a victim to a candid camera episode which has been set to air today, report Serbian media. According to the claims made by the show’s producers, Dacic was interviewed by a female host who wasn’t wearing underwear, while the cameras were trying to catch his reaction upon noticing that fact.

Completely liberal relation towards the Prime Minister or a degradation of position of a man who is supposed to represent 7,7 million Serbian citizens? Even though the comments on news websites are mainly positive, but there is also a significant number of those that think Serbian political scene has finally touched rock bottom with this gesture.

One official institution which reacted to this “incident” is the Serbian police union, which requested determining responsibility of those in charge of Prime Minister’s safety, because the security did not know what was coming. They claim that the authors of the candid camera show exposed the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Ivica Dacic to ridicule and provocation, in a very disgraceful and unacceptable manner.

Another of the liberal features of the current government is the behavior of Minister of Transport Milutin Mrkonjic who, even though married, for more than a year almost never appears in public without Ana Bekuta, folk singer. They don’t confirm that they are in a relationship, but they don’t deny it either, giving fodder to tabloids almost every day.

Meeting Dacic-Thaci: Customs Earnings Go To Serbs

After the meeting with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hasim Thaci and EU Chief of Diplomacy Catherine Ashton, Serbian premier Ivica Dacic said that an agreement on temporary charges on crossing customs between Serbia and part of Kosovo where Serbs are majority.

“It has been arranged that EU forms a fund in which Pristina and Serbs from north of Kosovo will have full insight. That fund will contain all the income from the customs and will be used exclusively for north of Kosovo. This meets the demands of Serbs from the north”, said Dacic.

Catherine Ashton’s cabinet confirmed in a written statement that the two Prime Ministers have signed a temporary agreement on customs, taxes and duties on administrative line crossing.

“We had a long and constructive talk and we made an agreement that, in order to intensify the dialogue, we should meet again in February when I hope we will achieve significant progress consistent with the conclusions of European Council from December 2012”, said Catherine Ashton in her written statement.

Prime Ministers Of Serbia And Croatia Meeting: Cooperation And Support

After the meeting in Belgrade with the Croatian Prime Minister, Serbian PM Ivica Dacic said that the relations of the two countries are of key significance in the region, and that their governments should cooperate in realizing their goals.

His Croatian colleague Zoran Milanovic said that Croatia supports Serbian European integration and that it is ready to help as a neighbor.

Serbian PM said that he talked with his Croatian colleague about three groups of questions, namely the open issues from Croatian and Serbian past, the economic cooperation and the question of European integration.

Dacic said that it has been arranged for the mutual relations, after certain break, should move in direction of normalization.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said that “Croatia is supporting Serbia on the way to EU, not just in words, but in reality, because that is in our interest. Serbia will have a more difficult job than other, new member countries of EU. We have the experience, and we don’t want to be anyone’s mentor, because we were mentors to ourselves, but we do want to be associates and neighbors”.

Serbian PM Celebrates Orthodox New Year With Counter-Terrorist Unit

Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic said on a ‘Serbian New Year’ celebration in police’s counter-terrorism unit that “Serbia’s orientation is peace and that it is not our weakness. Being orientated towards peace is our strength, but at the same time, we are ready to defend every part of our country”.

“I would like to warn everyone who don’t have good intentions towards Serbia that you are all together with me ready to defend every part of our Serbia”, said Dacic in company of police officers.

Reminding that since he took over duty of Police Ministry “he’s been celebrating New Year with members of Interior Ministry”, he acknowledged the members of Counter-Terrorist Unit for everything they did for country’s defense.

It is probably not an accident that PM Dacic decided to spend the New Year’s eve with this police squad because there has been a disagreement between the Republic authorities in Belgrade and local government in the south of Serbia, where majority Albanian population raised a monument to members of terrorist group that 11 years ago entered armed conflict with the Serbian army and police.