Irrational Retaliation For Monument Removal

In the past two days across Kosovo and Metohija several dozens Serbian tombstones and memorials have been desecrated, and shots were fired at monument in center of Gorazdevac.

Two nights ago, unknown perpetrators have desecrated the monument to NATO bombing victims and Serbian children who were killed at river Bistrica in 2003.

Orthodox tombstones have been damaged in municipalities Klokot, Obilic and Prizren, and the Orthodox cemetery in Kosovo Polje, near Pristina has been desecrated last week. Also, the Orthodox cemetery chapel in Obilic has been torched.

Kosovo police has suspended five of its members in Vitina after they demolished the monument honoring victims from World War II.

It is assumed that Albanians, who are majority population in Kosovo and Metohija, have destroyed Orthodox gravestones as a sign of retaliation for removal of monument honoring members of Albanian terrorist organization OVPMB two days ago.

Albanians Demand Union With Kosovo

Leader of Albanian Red-Black coalition Kreshnik Spahiu said that this coalition is in favor of creating Albanian federation in form of two united parts – Albania and Kosovo.

“Red-black coalition presented this initiative to the public on 28. November 2012, when we held protests on border crossing Morina. Albanian state shloud be arranged as Albanian federation which wpuld consist of two units and would bevome member of EU as such”, said Spahiu.

He stressed that the unification of Albania and Kosovo must happen before joining EU, reported Anadolia news agency.

“This unification will happen before EU membership. This is an obligation for the government and all political organizations in the country”, said Spahiu and added that this initiative represents the historic moment for unification of the Albanian people.

Serbia Would Give Up EU Over Kosovo

Head of Serbian diplomacy Ivan Mrkic said that the country would give up its bid for membership in European Union if it would be conditioned by Kosovo recognition.

“We would then give up the membership”, said Mrkic in an interview given to German paper “Der Tagesspiegel” in response to what would happen if the EU demanded from Serbia to recognize Kosovo as one of the EU membership conditions.

Asked if Serbia could recognize Kosovo independence if the simultaneous territory exchange were to take place, Mrkic responded that “history teaches us that all options are possible during political negotiations”..

“We would like for Kosovo Albanians to be able to lead a normal life and have no interest in seeing them suffer in any way”, said Mrkic.

Fight For Kosovo With Means Blessed By God

While Serbian coalition government discusses a new political platform for negotiation with Kosovo Albanians, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Irinej, has publically spoken on the issue.

Serbian Patriarch has said Kosovo was, is and will have to remain Serbia adding that one must use all means, blessed by God, to achieve that goal.

“Freedom is seldom given, it has to be fought for. We have freedom, but we have to preserve it”, Patriarch Irinej said.

Kosovo has not been governed by Serbia since the 1999 NATO military intervention. After Serbian army retreated from Kosovo, a large number of Serbs fled the province while hundreds of those who decided to stay were killed in ethnically motivated attacks.