Prime Minister: Humiliated Serbia Is A Factor Of Instability

Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic invited EU countries to make an effort and achieve minimum of mutual interests with Serbia in solving the issue of Kosovo and Metohija and Serbia’s road to EU.

It is a Serbian national interest to join EU, and that government and top state officials’ position is indisputable, said Dacic.

“I want to say this once again, we are not doing this for EU, but for Serbia and Serbian citizens”, said Dacic.

Dacic said at the beginning of Kopaonik Business Forum that he believes that it is mutual interest of Serbia and EU to be strategic partners in solving these issues that are of great importance for Serbia, so that the country could become a stability factor in the Balkans.

“An unstable Serbia, whose people are humiliated, can be a factor of instability, and we wish for Serbia to be a synonym for peace and safety”, said Serbian Prime Minister.

Ivica Dacic: We Will Not Give Up On Our Demands!

Serbia cannot accept the deal with Kosovo authorities in Brussels if the jurisdiction of suggested Serbian municipalities in Kosovo are not increased, even if that means not getting a date for beginning the negotiations with the EU, said Serbian PM Ivica Dacic.

Dacic added that Serbia demands for the Serbian municipalities to receive executive authority, but that Pristina is opposed.

North, Serbian part of Kosovo territory is now in focus of negotiations led with EU mediation between Dacic and his Kosovo colleague, former guerrilla commander Hasim Thaci, that continue on 20th of March in Brussels.

Politicians, but also Serbian citizens hope for getting the date for beginning of EU talks soon. The result of agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is, analysts believe, the thing what will decide the proximity of European future for Serbia.

Minivan With Serbian Pupils Stoned

Minivan transporting Serbian pupils was stoned on the road Kosovska Mitrovica-Suvi Do, in the village Muadjere with majority Albanian population, Serbian government office for Kosovo and Metohija reported.

The office warns that this is the third incident in the last ten days where Serbian children were attacked.

“We are asking the authorities in Pristina if it has finally come to the point of terror method where victims are children”, reads the government statement, demanding from the international community to locate and punish the perpetrators of this incident, and all the previous incidents.

The governement office for Kosovo and Metohija demanded from the international community to secure all children in Kosovo and Metohija right to unhindered education, play and right to a normal life.

Paris Saint-Germain Fans Give Support To Kosovo As Part Of Serbia

On the yesterday’s Champions League game in Valencia between Valencia FC and Paris Saint-Germain, to everyone’s surprise guest fans displayed banners that said “Kosovo is Serbia”. The banner also showed a drawing of Serbian flag.

This is not the first time that PSG fans show such a banner. It is assumed that the reason behind such a gesture is a large number of fans from Paris with Serbian descent.

It is not yet clear whether UEFA will sanction Paris Saint-Germain because of the political message on the stands.

The Parisian club beat Valencia 2-1 at the first leg of their Champions League last-16 match.

Europe Protects Serbian Cemeteries In Kosovo

European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin has demanded in the European Parliament that the authorities in Pristina urgently find and condemn the perpetrators of the attack on Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo and Metohija.

“What happened in Kosovo was truly inconceivable and unacceptable. It is the elementary respect of the living towards the dead, but also to the future,” said Kacin.

He called upon Serbian and Albanian leaders to find a compromise solution for the monument honoring the terrorist OVPMB in Presevo, dismantled by the Serbian authorities from the central town square.

In the past three days across Kosovo and Metohija several dozens Serbian tombstones and memorials have been desecrated, and shots were fired at monument in center of Gorazdevac.

It is assumed that Albanians, who are majority population in Kosovo and Metohija, have destroyed Orthodox gravestones as a sign of retaliation for removal of monument honoring members of Albanian terrorist group OVPMB in south Serbia four days ago.

Threats By Terrorists

Albanian National Army (Armata Kombëtare Shqiptare, or AKSh) which was put on the list of terrorist organizations by the United Nations in 2003, has declared “urgent mobilization” because of “Serbian threat to secede one part of Kosovo’s territory and threats to forcibly remove monument to OVPMB in Presevo”.

Media in Pristina reported that the decision to mobilize was made at a meeting held on 9. January 2013. in Vucitrn. Headquarters of ANA, zone 2, stated that the mobilization of special unit “Cobra” was ordered due to the tense situation in Presevo valley and north of Kosovo.

ANA accuses “the fascist-like authorities of Serbia” for worsening the situation in north of Kosovo, and states that the final decision has been made to order mobilization from 10. January 2013. for all members of Albanian National Army.

The decision was signed by headquarter commander, lieutenant “Kachaku”, as well as the commander of special unit “Cobra”, who has the general rank.

Albanians Demand Union With Kosovo

Leader of Albanian Red-Black coalition Kreshnik Spahiu said that this coalition is in favor of creating Albanian federation in form of two united parts – Albania and Kosovo.

“Red-black coalition presented this initiative to the public on 28. November 2012, when we held protests on border crossing Morina. Albanian state shloud be arranged as Albanian federation which wpuld consist of two units and would bevome member of EU as such”, said Spahiu.

He stressed that the unification of Albania and Kosovo must happen before joining EU, reported Anadolia news agency.

“This unification will happen before EU membership. This is an obligation for the government and all political organizations in the country”, said Spahiu and added that this initiative represents the historic moment for unification of the Albanian people.

Serbian President Not Allowed In Kosovo And Metohija

Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Hajredin Kuci said that the Kosovo institutions are responsible for not allowing Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic to visit Kosovo on Orthodox Christmas.

Kuci said that Nikolic will be allowed to visit Kosovo only when reciprocity is secured, in other words, when Kosovo leaders are allowed to visit Albanians in Presevo valley in south of Serbia.

The statement by the press service of Serbian president reads that he sent a note to Eulex mission in Pristina on 28th of December 2012, demanding to visit Gracanica on January 7th for the Christmas Eve Mass.

Spokesperson of Eulex irina Gudeljevic said that “the procedure of Serbian officials visiting Kosovo has already been established. The demand goes through special representative of EU in Belgrade to special representative of EU in Pristina, who then forwards it to the Government of Kosovo, and the reply returns the same way. Eulex has no part in that chain.”

Runaway Convict Arrested In Kosovo And Metohija

Srdjan Lomigora, convict who escaped from prison “Zabela” near Pozarevac in east of Serbia, was arrested in Zubin Potok, in north of Kosovo and Metohija.

He managed to escape from “Zabela” on December 14th where he three other inmates were serving sentence for stealing property from a farm.

Lomigora was serving sentence for multiple criminal offenses, among which a murder committed during a robbery in Krusevac in April 2002.

He was arrested the same year in July in Zubin Potok by the Unmik police forces for smuggling marijuana, and handed over to Serbian judicial organs.

Implementation Of Crossings Agreement Begins

Members of Serbian police have arrived at the administrative crossing Brnjak this morning, marking the start of integrated management of that crossing which lies on the regional road Ribarice-Zubin Potok.

KFOR Soldiers, members of EULEX and Kosovo border police and customs are also situated on the crossing, and the traffic functions without longer queues.

At the crossing, only traffic signs are posted, and there are no state symbols.

Kosovo customs officials arrived with a helicopter at the crossing because the road Pristina-Ribarice is blocked at
Zubin Potok.

Unlike integrated crossing Jarinje, the Brnjak crossing is not located at the central Serbia teritorry, but on Kosovo’s side, and fifty meter further away, there is a KFOR base located.

Businessmen and citizens partially blocked the regional road Pristina-Ribarice at Zubin Potok yesterday, with the intent to prevent the arrival of Kosovo customs and police officials to Brnjak crossing and announced that they will stay there until further notice.

Across both road driving lanes there are still trucks, mini-vans and heavy machinery blocking the road. Passenger, EULEX and KFOR vehicles are allowed to go through.