Richest Serb Miroslav Miskovic To be Released On €12 Million Bail

Special department of Higher Court in Belgrade set today a 12 million euros bail for owner of Delta Holding Miroslav Miskovic, who is charged of embezzlement and tax evasion.

“After providing evidence to the Court that the bail has been deposited, the accused will be released from detention”, the Higher Court said.

This is the highest ever set bail amount in Serbian judiciary history, 12 times higher than the previous record holder, former president of Football Association of Serbia Zvezdan Terzic who deposited one million euros.

Richest Serb In Detention For One Month

Miroslav Miskovic, owner of Delta Holding and the richest Serbian citizen was arrested 30 days ago on charges that he committed several malversations during the privatization processes of road companies.

Media reported ahead of New Year that Miskovic offered a 19 million euros bail so that he could be out on pretrial release, but the Prosecution refused it. Moreover, it requested the prolongation of detention which was supposed to expire today.

He shares a cell in Central prison in Belgrade with the recently arrested politician Jozef Kasa, and the entire time of his prison stay, he has been getting ordered food from one of the restaurants he owns – Deltino.

On the same day when Miroslav Miskovic was arrested, the police arrested his son Marko as well, and the prosecution is looking for his detention to be prolonged as well.

Vucic Strict Towards Miskovic

Certain pressure is being made in order for the Delta Holding owner Miroslav Miskovic to be released from incarceration, said yesterday deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense Aleksandar Vucic, adding that there is no valid ground for such a thing, but also that he would see such outcome as his own personal defeat.

“I am not the one who makes decisions about this, it is first of all a question for the investigative judge and the prosecutors”, said Vucic, responding to journalist’s question on whether Miskovic will be released from the incarceration.

“Whether they will manage to stand up against it, as far as I am concerned… I heard some announcements that Miskovic will be released before New Year… there are different kinds of pressures being made, and I even find it funny when I listen to some people who took his side and talk about what’s the truth and what’s not”, said Vucic.

He said that he refuses to debate on that topic, and talk about how many lies were said by those who defend Miskovic in public in the past two days. Vucic said that if Miskovic is released from incarceration, he will see that as a defeat of our politics in general, but also as his own personal defeat, and added that he is not ashamed to admit that.

Deputy PM In Traffic Accident

Aleksandar Vucic, first deputy prime minister and minister of defense had a traffic accident on Wednesday night. He was not hurt.

The accident happened around midnight when armor plated vehicle “Puch” in which Vucic was at the moment, drove off the road and hit a lamp post.

The lamp-post then collapsed and fell on the street, and a taxi vehicle Opel Meriva hit it while coming from the opposite direction.

The taxi driver was hurt after hitting the post and was transferred to a hospital.

The police is investigating the vehicle that Vucic was driving in, because of the alleged threats directed to Vucic by the wealthiest man in Serbia Miroslav MIskovic. According to the police, Miskovic said, while being arrested, that Vucic will be prevented from appearing on national television where he was supposed to give an interview that night. The accident happened after the interview.

Vucic: Nobody Above Serbia

After the arrest of the wealthiest Serb Miroslav Miskovic, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who is in charge of fight against corruption, stated in a previously scheduled interview on national television RTS that “no individual is stronger than the Serbian state.”

“It is question what we can do for citizens, because words are not important, but the stolen and misused money”, said Vucic.

“I see that people are glad to have realized today that nobody can make deals with the state when crime and corruption are concerned, and I am proud of the fact we gave that possibility to the prosecutors, and the police. I see that it is not easy, because I listened to some pundits today (close to the previous government) who said ‘they picked some people just because they are symbols, to show using them how powerful they are’. I ask those pundits – why didn’t your favorite parties do that, were they corrupt, or just didn’t have the guts to do it”, asked Vucic.

Why The Richest Serb Was Arrested

Owner of “Delta holding” company Miroslav Miskovic, his son Marko, and businessman Milo Djuraskovic are suspected of abuses during privatization of Serbian road companies where they allegedly illegally obtained more than 30 million euros. According to police allegations, from 2005 to end of 2010, as co-owners in the privatized Road cuilding company “Nis”, as well as co-owners in several other road building companies through “Nis” – „Beograd“, „Kragujevac“, „Vranje“, „Srem put“, „Bačka put“ and others, they extracted the money out of those companies without legal reason, and the property of those companies worth 30 million euros.

Police and the Prosecution will try with the documents they have obtained to prove the main theory that the road building business is nothing more than a front for mass-scale money and funds extraction which took place through unfavorable loans and artificially inflated company stock shares.

“We are dealing here with property extraction from companies that were in the process of privatization and accumulating unfounded wealth by the persons who were directly involved in the process of privatization and work of those companies”, said the Prosecutor Miljko Radisavljevic.

Richest Serb Arrested!

Police arrested Miroslav Miskovic, owner of “Delta Holding” and the richest Serb, early this morning!

According to RTS – Serbian National Television, Miroslav Miskovic, his son Marko Miskovic, businessman Milo Djuraskovic and six other persons are arrested.

Miroslav Miskovic was questioned in police two times during the last week.

Also, his son Marko Miskovic and their business partner Milo Djuraskovic, had to report to police few days ago.

Police Question Richest Serb

Miroslav Miskovic, owner of “Delta Holding” and the richest Serb, has been questioned yesterday by the police related to purchasing land via his company “Delreal”.

Police suspect that the state was damaged during sale of the property in a modern part of Belgrade. It has been suspected that the property was only given under lease to the company “Delreal” which used it in a way that suggested the property was sold to it.

Company Delta Holding owned by Miskovic, sent a statement claiming that they don’t own the property in question. They explained that the request to convert the land was filed, but that the process is not yet finished.

If and when the conversion of the property occurs, the statement reads, Delreal will be allowed to build and realise a contract with the German company “Bauhaus” which plans to built its first construction in Serbia on that location.

It is not known whether the police will invite Miskovic to a new questioning where he would fully explain the dispute.

Richest Serb To Report To Police For Questioning

One of the richest people in Serbia, Miroslav Miskovic, owner of Delta Holding company, received an invitation for questioning by the police, on Monday December 3rd, that company has said in a statement.

Miskovic will, in line with his civic duty, appear for questioning, the statement says further on.

“Long and thorough” investigation of company’s business has been made in the last period, which gave answers to all questions related to company’s operations, it said.

Miroslav Miskovic is the owner of several most profitable companies in Serbia.

One of the political tabloids in Serbia published that Miskovic is preparing to flee to Cypress, which could be a reason the company decided to come forward with an official statement.