Nikolic, Alyev And Tesla

During his visit to Azerbaijan, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his host, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev unveiled in Baku a monument to famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, noting that the monument will represent another bond in the friendship between the two countries. The two presidents signed a declaration on strategic partnership.

The presidents said that the two countries will support one another on all fields, especially when it comes to preservation of territorial integrity, and that they will first of all be focused on development of economic cooperation.
“It has been a long time since two nations so far away became so close”, said Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on a mutual press conference with Aliyev.

“We are witnessing that our relations are filled with friendship and characterized by strategic partnership. We will continue to contribute to cooperation on all fields, and support each other, especially in the field of territorial integrity”, said Aliyev.

Europe Protects Serbian Cemeteries In Kosovo

European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Serbia Jelko Kacin has demanded in the European Parliament that the authorities in Pristina urgently find and condemn the perpetrators of the attack on Serbian cemeteries in Kosovo and Metohija.

“What happened in Kosovo was truly inconceivable and unacceptable. It is the elementary respect of the living towards the dead, but also to the future,” said Kacin.

He called upon Serbian and Albanian leaders to find a compromise solution for the monument honoring the terrorist OVPMB in Presevo, dismantled by the Serbian authorities from the central town square.

In the past three days across Kosovo and Metohija several dozens Serbian tombstones and memorials have been desecrated, and shots were fired at monument in center of Gorazdevac.

It is assumed that Albanians, who are majority population in Kosovo and Metohija, have destroyed Orthodox gravestones as a sign of retaliation for removal of monument honoring members of Albanian terrorist group OVPMB in south Serbia four days ago.

Irrational Retaliation For Monument Removal

In the past two days across Kosovo and Metohija several dozens Serbian tombstones and memorials have been desecrated, and shots were fired at monument in center of Gorazdevac.

Two nights ago, unknown perpetrators have desecrated the monument to NATO bombing victims and Serbian children who were killed at river Bistrica in 2003.

Orthodox tombstones have been damaged in municipalities Klokot, Obilic and Prizren, and the Orthodox cemetery in Kosovo Polje, near Pristina has been desecrated last week. Also, the Orthodox cemetery chapel in Obilic has been torched.

Kosovo police has suspended five of its members in Vitina after they demolished the monument honoring victims from World War II.

It is assumed that Albanians, who are majority population in Kosovo and Metohija, have destroyed Orthodox gravestones as a sign of retaliation for removal of monument honoring members of Albanian terrorist organization OVPMB two days ago.

Albanians Protest Monument Removal

Protest gathering was held in center of Presevo against removal of monument to fallen members of OVPMB, terrorist Albanian organization who fought against Serbian army and military. The demonstrations took place without incidents ending at 13h.

Protest signs and several Albanian flags, carried by citizens, were seen at the demonstrations. Before the gathering, a meeting of Albanian political party leaders took place, but the results of that meeting are still unknown.

Representatives of OSCE mission were also present in Presevo.

United States Embassy came out with a statement in the meantime. Embassy’s press attaché Steven Stark said that the USA invite both Serbian and Albanian side to continue looking for the long-term and permanent solution in cooperation with the OSCE.

Illegally erected monument honoring fighters of the terrorist OVPMB in center of Presevo, town in south of Serbia, was removed yesterday, and the removal action took place without incidents.

Albanian Reaction To Presevo Monument Removal Expected

After the monument to OVPMB fighters was removed from the square in Presevo, all six Albanian political parties from south of Serbia held separate meetings.

It was announced that a protest walk through the town will be organized tomorrow, and a message to the autorities in Belgrade and to the international community will be sent at the end of the protest.

President of one of the Albanian local parties Riza Halimi said that Serbia has missed a great opportunity to accept a compromise, which was prepared at yesterday’s meeting and gave priority to extraordinary measures through use of force. In his words, leaders of the Albanian parties will persevere in demanding their legitimate rights through dialogue.

Ahead of the press conference, several dozens citizens gathered at the spot where the monument was placed, enclosed it with ribbons and lit candles.

Ambassador of Albania in Belgrade, who came to Presevo today. also met with leaders of Albanian parties.

Disputed Monument In Presevo Removed

In Presevo, town in south of Serbia with majority Albanian population, the disputed monument to fighters of OVPMB, terrorist Albanian organization, who fought against Serbian army and military, was removed this morning.

Action of removing the monument took place without incidents. Gendarmerie, the elite unit of the Serbian police, secured the town center while a crane loaded the problematic monument onto a truck.

Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic said that Serbia has shown plenty of patience, but also sent out a strong and firm message that the law must be abided and that nobody is above the state.

Local government in Presevo is composed of Albanian community parties who refused to remove the monument for a long time.

Threats By Terrorists

Albanian National Army (Armata Kombëtare Shqiptare, or AKSh) which was put on the list of terrorist organizations by the United Nations in 2003, has declared “urgent mobilization” because of “Serbian threat to secede one part of Kosovo’s territory and threats to forcibly remove monument to OVPMB in Presevo”.

Media in Pristina reported that the decision to mobilize was made at a meeting held on 9. January 2013. in Vucitrn. Headquarters of ANA, zone 2, stated that the mobilization of special unit “Cobra” was ordered due to the tense situation in Presevo valley and north of Kosovo.

ANA accuses “the fascist-like authorities of Serbia” for worsening the situation in north of Kosovo, and states that the final decision has been made to order mobilization from 10. January 2013. for all members of Albanian National Army.

The decision was signed by headquarter commander, lieutenant “Kachaku”, as well as the commander of special unit “Cobra”, who has the general rank.

Serbian PM Celebrates Orthodox New Year With Counter-Terrorist Unit

Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Ivica Dacic said on a ‘Serbian New Year’ celebration in police’s counter-terrorism unit that “Serbia’s orientation is peace and that it is not our weakness. Being orientated towards peace is our strength, but at the same time, we are ready to defend every part of our country”.

“I would like to warn everyone who don’t have good intentions towards Serbia that you are all together with me ready to defend every part of our Serbia”, said Dacic in company of police officers.

Reminding that since he took over duty of Police Ministry “he’s been celebrating New Year with members of Interior Ministry”, he acknowledged the members of Counter-Terrorist Unit for everything they did for country’s defense.

It is probably not an accident that PM Dacic decided to spend the New Year’s eve with this police squad because there has been a disagreement between the Republic authorities in Belgrade and local government in the south of Serbia, where majority Albanian population raised a monument to members of terrorist group that 11 years ago entered armed conflict with the Serbian army and police.

Albanians Against Removal Of Monument

Members of Presevo municipality assembly, mostly Albanians, have repeated their decision yesterday at an extraordinary assembly session that they are against removal of monument to members of the terrorist group OVPBM.

They pointed out to the decision of local authorities from 2007, when the plateau in front of the local municipality building got the name Square of The Fallen Soldiers. With that in mind, the local authorities will start an initiative for its legalization.

The assembly members also concluded that the political and security situation in the municipality is “jeopardized, mostly by the threatening statements of Serbian top officials and politicians”, referring to statements made by Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and President Tomislav Nikolic.

Presevo municipality assembly members supported the dialogue started by the Albanian political representatives with the Serbian government officials, moderated by the international community.

Terrorists Threaten Serbian Prime Minister

Former Albanian members of the disbanded Liberation Army of Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja (OVPMB), threatened Serbian prime minister Ivica Dacic with armed conflict if he tries to tear down the monument honoring that terrorist organization, which was erected in Presevo recently.

On the “Preseva Jone” website a message from this organization says that “they will easily put on their boots and uniforms and take the weapons in their hands”.

Commander Ljulji, Ljujzim Ibisi, said that they are ready to confront the Dacic’c announcement and intention to tear that monument to OVPMB down, and that they are ready to defend it with weapons, if necessary.

“We, the former members of the OVPMB, gave the priority to solving problems through dialogue, due to European integration process, hoping that the Serbian repression towards ethnic Albanians in Presevo, Bujanovac and Medvedja will come to an end.

However, due to constant provocations of the gendarmerie, and the threatening statements made by Dacic, it turns out that Belgrade is not interested in dialogue nor stability in the region”, said Ibisi.

On the other hand, Sefcet Hasani, known by his nickname “Poeti” (The Poet), said that Dacic will have to confront 500 soldiers from the West ready to react if he touches the monument to OVPMB in Presevo.

Hasani called upon Serbia to give advantage to dialogue, in order to “meet at the negotiating table today, rather than in forest tomorrow”.