Anti-Fascist Movement Cleans Defaced Monument To Saban Bajramovic

At the website of antifascist organization from Nis, town in south of Serbia, a photo gallery was posted showing members of anti-fascist movement cleaning the paint and erasing the swastika drawn on the monument to one of the greatest singers and composers of Roma and Serbian folk music, Saban Bajramovic.

Monument to this Roma musician, which was built in 2010, was defaced with grafitti and cleaned several times. The last time monument had so much paint on it that the municipality intended to put up a tender to find the best offer to clean the statue.

However, members of the antifa movement proved this to be unnecessary, leaving behind an inspirational note: ”Long live Saban, screw the tender, death to fascism!”

Nis Late With Edict Of Milan Anniversary Celebration

Uros Parlic, director of Tourist Organization of Nis, town where this year 1700th anniversary of Edict of Milan will be marked, said that the organization of the celebration of the great jubilee is late, blaming that on the previous authorities.

Parlic thinks that everything that is going on now should have been started four years ago, so in that case only “cosmetic work” would be needed at this point.

“Nothing has been done, except for forming some organizational committees and now we have extremely little time to finish an enormous amount of work. We have to deal with that. Now, if the dome on the archeopark “Medijana” is not finished by the end of the year, what can we do… I mean, it’s important that the construction is underway, that the financing is secured, which was the biggest issue for years now,”, said Parlic.

Parlic couldn’t answer the question whether, as it was pompously announced, nis will get a giant monument to Emperor Constatine. He confirmed that, even though the first quarter of the jubilee 2013 is behind us, tourists cannot see, not on the entrance, nor on the streets of the city, that Nis is Emperor Constantine’s city, nor that this great jubilee is being celebrated in Nis at all.

Source: Juzne Vesti