Twin Towns In Serbia

Town twinning of Serbian cities with cities abroad is a practice which exists since last century. Numerous details over the epochs affect the decision of a town to connect with some other town. Staring with mutual historical ties, over mutual war and financial aid, to people who represented their city, but lived in one of the Serbian towns. One example might be twinning of northern Serbian town Kikinda with Norwegian Narvik because of the great friendship which developed between prisoners of fascist Germany with Norwegians while they were imprisoned in that country. The biggest hotel in Kikinda is called “Narvik”.

In this article we will list the twin towns of Serbia with other towns in the world.

The capital Belgrade had started twin ties first with English Coventry, then Tel Aviv, Vienna, Chicago, Corfu and recently, Ljubljana.

Novi Sad, the largest city in north of Serbia, has twin town relations with Modena in Italy, Norwich in UK, German Dortmund, Budva in Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania, Pechiu in Hungary and municipality Ilioupoli in Athens, Greece.

Nis, the biggest town in south of Serbia is twin town with Kasandra, Glyfada, Marusia i Alimoso in Greece, Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, Kosice in Slovakia, Kursk in Russia, Saltdal in Norway, Bad Homburg in Germany and Krakow in Poland.

Kragujevac, the biggest town in central Serbia is connected in this way with Sirene in France, Bydgoszcz in Poland, Pitesti in Romania, Ohrid in Macedonia, Bielsko Balja in Poland, Reggio Emilia in italy, Springfild in USA, Karlovac in Croatia, and Mogilev in Belarus.

Celebration Of The 1,700th Anniversary Of The Edict Of Milan Begins

In two days in Serbia, the celebration of the 1,700th anniversary of the Edict of Milan will begin. In National Theater in Nis, a concert of spiritual music will be held, performed by the choir of Sretenje monastery from Russia, founded six centuries ago. The host of the manifestation will be Russian ambassador in Serbia Aleksandar Cepurin, while the other hosts/guests will be President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, Serbian Patriarch Irinej and representatives of the diplomatic corps in Serbia.

“Marking of 1700the anniversary of the Edict of Milan is a great date and event in life, not only of church, but the entire world, and should be the occasion to turn the next page which will bring us closer together”, said Serbian Patriarch Irinej earlier, reminding that the central celebration in Nis will be an opportunity for the representatives of all Christian churches to meet after a long time.

During the entire year Serbia will be celebrating the anniversary of signing the most significant document for the Christian world – the Edict of Milan, by the emperor of the western part of the Roman Empire Constantine I (272–337), born in Nis, or in Naisus as it was called at the time, and ruler of the eastern part Licinius (250–325), the legal text which proclaimed the religious equality and the beginning of treating the Christians benevolently.

NIS Buys OMV Gas Stations In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Serbian Oil Industry (Naftna Industrija Srbije – NIS) has signed a contract in Belgrade to buy 100 percent of the OMV BH company ownership.

This way NIS will take over the network of 28 gas stations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. By taking over the OMV retail network in BH, NIS will secure the channels to sell “Euro 5” quality fuel produced in Serbian largest oil company’s refinery.

In an official statement, NIS said that the BH market has been identified as one of the company priorities in terms of the regional development strategy, next to Bulgarian and Romanian markets.

Company’s business plan for 2013. is for NIS to have at least 100 gas stations by end of that year in Bulgaria, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina combined.

Promo Video For European Women’s Handball Championship Released

Serbia women’s national handball team recorded a promotional video for European championship which is going to take place in Serbia from December 4th to 16th.

Best 16 European national teams will play matches in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vrsac and Nis.

Serbia was host to European men’s handball championship in January 2012.

Two Murdered In Nis

Last night a young man was killed, while another was wounded in Nis,
city in south of Serbia.

The murder took place after a petty fight while several young men
waited in line in front of a fast food stand.

After the argument, one of the men took out a gun and shot at two
young men standing next to him.

Next to the murdered young man, another was hit, but he is recovering now.

Almost simultaneously, in the village of Vrtiste nearby Nis, one man
was killed from a rifle. There are no more details known at this point
about that murder.

The police are looking for murderers.

French Scandal Good News For Serbian Handball?

Member of French handball national team, Nikola Karabatic, is one of eight players from the national champion club Montpellier under investigation on suspicion of game fixing.
In late September, an inquiry has been launched on suspicions that players deliberately threw a game for cash after their wives and girlfriends scooped 200.000 euros at the bookmakers.

Three of the accused, including Karabatic, were also members of France’s victorious national Olympic team – known as “Les Experts”.

The “Française des Jeux” (FDJ), a state organisation that oversees all betting activities in France, suspects that wives and girlfriends of the players were forewarned when they placed bets that Montpellier would lose what should have been an easy game against Brittany team Cesson-Sévigné.

Montpellier lost the game by three points (28-31) in the away match on May 12. Cesson-Sévigné were struggling to stay in France’s Division 1 while Montpellier were firmly at the top.

The FDJ raised the alert after a total of 5.000 euros they bet at three tobacconist-bookmakers netted them a haul of 200.000 euros.
Subsequently, the French handball team manager did not include Karabatic, named the best player at several European handball championships, into his latest selection.
However, the Handball Association of Serbia has not been phased by the inquiry against both Karabatic and his brother. The HAS intends to invite the player, whose mother is of Serbian origin, to play for the Serbian national team.

The HAS officials believe Karabatic would be automatically eligible for Serbian citizenship since he was born in the southern town of Nis. He was awarded the title of an honorary citizen of Nis in 2008.

According to regulations of the European Handball Federation, Karabatic could be playing for Serbia in autumn 2014.

While playing for France, Nikola Karabatic won the triple crown of Olympic, World and European champion. He won several European Handball Champions League titles while playing for French Montpellier and German THW Kiel.

Brothers Suspected Of Brutal Killing Over Debt

The police in the third largest Serbian town of Nis have arrested two brothers, suspected of murder of a local businessman.

Slobodan Marinkovic, owner of a butcheries’ chain in Nis, was killed in his car, around two hundred meters away from his home, on October 1.

Brutality of the murder has shocked citizens of Nis where the victim had a reputation of a fine businessman and a prominent community member.

A lot of people owed Marinkovic money, which, according to the police sources, may be the prime motive for the crime.

On the day of the murder, two suspects were to execute an earlier local court order by handing a part of the ownership over a family restaurant to the victim thereby settling the debt their father owed Marinkovic.

Dusko Radovic’s Voice Lives On

Due to a fan page on Facebook, Dusko Radovic, journalist, children’s writer, aphorist and a true Belgrade icon of the 1970s, has been reintroduced to the whole new young generation of Serbs.

Despite of being born at the south of Serbia, in the town of Nis, Dusko Radovic has been one of the staunchest Belgrade enthusiasts of all times. He spent most of his career working as a journalist for the Belgrade state radio and, later, when he gained the status of a dissident, for the cult local radio station Studio B. He wrote the cult TV children’s program “Na slovo, na slovo”.

His voice woke the people of Belgrade up day in, day on at 7.05 on the dot. Everybody tuned in to listen to his 5-minute program “Belgrade, Good Morning”. Each day, a stream of his witty and satirical one-liners brought smiles to many faces. People then went on to do their daily business, but not without commenting on his words that were the talk of the town and an ever-so-necessary dosage of satire and silent revolt in the communist Yugoslavia.

The practice became a tradition. Today, a 260.000-strong army of his fans on Facebook comments on his witty one-liners each morning. Many of them cannot help, but notice how little the country has changed since the time when Dusko walked among us.

Facebook has proved that a good written word and culture continue to be appreciated in Serbia. Fan pages of prominent artists such as the Nobel Prize winning writer, Ivo Andric, poets Miroslav Mika Antic and Vladislav Petkovic Dis or painter Sava Sumanovic, keep getting the record number of hits.