Teenager Draws A Penis On Serbian Presidential Building

A teenager caused a real commotion today with his graffiti drawn on the building where president of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic works.

He was arrested because he drew a large graffiti, one-by-one meter in size, writing “TOMA” (Serbian president’s nickname) and adding a picture of male copulatory organ underneath.

The fifteen-year-old was spotted by the security of the presidential building. A chalk he used to draw the graffiti was found on him, and the drawing was immediately erased.

The minor was handed over to a police patrol, and after he spent some time in the police station, he was picked up by parents.

It is still unknown whether charges will be pressed against the teenager.

Dacic Expects No New Conditions For Serbia

On the eve of arrivals of the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, to Belgrade, Serbian Prime Minister and Home Secretary, Ivica Dacic, has said he sees the visits as yet another step towards European integrations of his country.

Talking to the press, Prime Minister Dacic said he was expecting neither a difficult meeting nor any new conditions for further accession to the EU.

“On the contrary. I think we have developed a different mode of conversing with our partners from the West. We have been jointly looking for ways to resolve all issues peacefully and to mutual satisfaction”, Serbian Prime Minister said.

Madame Secretary Clinton and Baroness Ashton will arrive in Belgrade on Tuesday, October 30. They will spend the afternoon talking to Prime Minister Dacic and Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolic.

Tadic’s Conditional Withdrawal

Leader of the opposition Democratic Party and former Serbian President, Boris Tadic, has said he is ready to withdraw from the forthcoming inter-party leadership race. Mr. Tadic also says he is ready to support his rival for the leading position in the party, the Mayor of the Serbian capital Belgrade, Dragan Djilas.

A new leader of the largest opposition party in Serbia will be chosen at the party convention on November 10. Calls for Mr. Tadic to step down have been increasingly prominent since the party election losses in May.

Last month, after Mr. Djilas, a former vice-president of the Democratic Party, announced his candidacy, Boris Tadic reacted by saying he understood his rival’s big ambition. However, until today, it seemed both candidates would contend for the leadership. Therefore, the latest announcement comes as a shock for the Serbian public.

However, Boris Tadic did condition his withdrawal from the race. He demands that Dragan Djilas refrains from any inter-party revenge against officials who were ready to reelect Mr. Tadic the party president. Tadic also requests that the party remains on the present social-democratic political course.

If Mr. Djilas confirms his readiness to meet these conditions, Tadic promises to renounce all future party positions, planning to continue his career working for international organizations.

Boris Tadic was both Serbian president and leader of the Democratic Party for 8 year. He has been the party member since it was founded in 1990 on the eve of reintroduction of the multiparty political system after decades of communism in Serbia.

Nikolic: I’d Rather Resign, Than Give Up Kosovo

In an interview with Macedonia Sitel television, Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolic, has said he would rather resign than agree to Serbia’s accession to the European Union without Kosovo.

President Nikolic has warned Macedonian politicians of potential renewal of the problem with Albanian separatists that the country experienced 20 years ago.

Referring to Kosovo, Tomislav Nikolic has said: “After having gained certain rights within the Serbian territories, they will quote these rights as a precedent when attempting to gain them in other countries as well”.

Every fourth of 2 million citizens of Macedonia is an ethnic Albanian. It is estimated 800 Albanians and 70 Macedonians died during armed clashes that erupted in 2001. The ethnic conflict ended with the Ohrid Agreement, signed in August 2001. It provided more comprehensive rights for Albanian community in the country.

Former Serbian President Awarded

Former Serbian President, Boris Tadic, and Croatian President, Ivo Josipovic, have been awarded the Medal of Tolerance. The medal is awarded by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, chaired by former Polish President, Alexander Kwasniewski.

Reacting to the news, leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, has reminded that he and his Croatian colleague have made a break with the tradition of conflict dominance while expressing a level of mutual understanding atypical for bilateral relations in the region.

President Josipovic sees the award as a result of common efforts to achieve reconciliation and spread tolerance.

Former Serbian President has criticized the current Serbian government evaluating certain statements by current ministers as irresponsible. He has added Serbia is a step further from setting a clear date for the EU accession talks than it was before the May election. He blamed the electoral campaign and prolonged talks that led to creation of new coalition government for the delay.

The first laureate of the Medal of Tolerance was King of Spain Juan Carlos.
This year’s laureates will receive the medal at the ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels. The award will be presented to them by President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, on October 16.