Electric Cars Made In Republika Srpska

Cars propelled by electric power will be made in Republika Srpska starting next year!

A production of 30 small electric cars is planned for first series, and if the quality of vehicles meets the projected standards, the production will be significantly increased.

First 1000 cars are to be sold to the German Post office company, after the experimental series, and their price will be set between 2500 and 5000 euros.

There are around 2000 parts needed for the electric car’s production, and everything is being prepared for the parts to be produced in Republika Srpska.

Besides Mladic, Sarajevo Also Shelled By Bosniaks

Former UNPROFOR officer David Fraser said at Ratko Mladic’s trial at the Hague Tribunal that the Bosnian army at least on one occasion shelled own civilians in Sarajevo in 1994 or 1995 in order to blame Bosnian Serbs for victims.

Canadian General Fraser was at the time deputy commander of the UN protection forces, UNPROFOR in Sarajevo sector. As a prosecution witness, he said that the Republika Srpska army also subjected Sarajevo to non-selective and excessive grenade and sniper fire.

Mladic (69), who was at the time Republika Srpska army commander and general, is being prosecuted for terrorizing Sarajevo citizens with artillery and sniper attacks in the period 1992-95.

While he being cross examined by Mladic’s lawyer Dragan Ivetic, Fraser stated that “in one case” it was determined that a grenade fired from Bosnian army position fell at the place in downtown Sarajevo previously hit by a grenade fired from Republika Srpska army’s position.

The witness stated that both grenades caused civilian casualties.

The Canadian General also confirmed that a Bosniak sniper killed a French UNPROFOR soldier in 1995 at Sarajevo airport.

Life For Life

Mother from Banjaluka, town in Republika Srpska, who refused cytostatic treatment with in order to have a baby, died yesterday.

Jelena Trivic was diagnosed with brain tumor in 2007, and after two operations she decided to fulfill her biggest wish – to give birth to a child and feel what it’s like to be a mother. She received support from her husband in her decision.

During pregnancy, her treatment was stopped, and the sickness progressed.

Forty days ago she gave birth to son Nikola, who weighed 1.970 grams at birth.

Jelena also managed to enroll the Faculty of economy and graduated at the beginning of the year, even while in late stadium of the illness.

Charges Against EUFOR Soldiers

President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik is demanding from EUFOR, military forces in charge of maintaining peace in Bosnia, to punish soldiers who yesterday attacked a young man and a girl.

Two EUFOR members from Austrian peace corps, reportedly under the influence of alcohol, attacked without any reason and badly injured two young people in center of Banjaluka, central town in Republika Srpska.

After they were shortly detained by the police, they invoked immunity and were released.

Dodik warned that the institutions od Republika Srpska will “no longer tolerate such behavior and that they will find mechanisms to efficiently protect their citizens from being bullied by anyone”.

Dodik announced that the two attacked persons will get best legal and any other help and support in pressing charges and demanding indemnification because of injuries and trauma caused by the attack.

Dodik Writes To Ban Ki-moon

President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik sent a report to United
Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon, member states of security
council, embassies and high officials of EU, Russia and USA in which
he asked for Office of High representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina
to be closed.

Mr. Dodik stated in the report that the cooperation of the three
constitutive nations is good, and accused the OHR of “handicapping the
standard process of building a political consensus which exists in
self-governing democratic states”.

President of Republika Srpska stated that “RS will continue to stand
for reforms to ensure efficiency and responsibility of Bosnian and
Herzegovinian institutions, in accordance with the state’s

Through a structured dialogue with the EU, RS is working
on a judicial system reform with the goal of harmonization with the
European standards and the Constitution, said Dodik.

In an accompanying letter Dodik wrote that RS is insisting on equal
treatment of victims of war crimes, regardless of their ethnicity.