We Are The Champions!

Serbia claimed the UEFA European Under-19 Championship title for the first time as Andrija Luković’s calm second-half finish settled a tight final against France in Marijampole.

Both sides had chances in an even first 45 minutes, yet the deadlock was not broken until Luković slotted in early in the second period. France – seeking their third title at this level – tried to rally, but a well-drilled Serbian rearguard held firm, denying their opponents clear openings and space in the final third to spark jubilant scenes of celebration at full time.

Having each played extra time in their semi-finals, it was perhaps understandable that both teams opened cautiously, although the pattern of the match might have been different had France forward Corentin Jean not pulled the first opening of the evening across goal in the eighth minute. At the other end, Aleksandar Mitrović turned smartly, but his subsequent shot drifted over, a fate France’s Anthony Martial also suffered in similar circumstances later in the half.

Uroš Djurdjević did manage to get his shot on target after the ball had broken to him inside the France penalty area, Quentin Beunardeau saving comfortably, and then latched on to Mitrović’s clever header only to opt for a return pass instead of a shot. As quickly as it had come the opening was gone. Larry Azouni’s pass provided a glimpse of goal for Jordan Ikoko; the France right-back prodded wide.

Twelve minutes after half-time, Luković was not so forgiving. Marko Pavlovski’s cross cleared Antoine Conte and found Mitrović; although his first touch took him wide, the No14 had the presence of mind to pull the ball back for the midfielder to sidefoot in. Serbia swiftly pressed for a second but were almost caught out on the counterattack when Jean and Yassine Benzia combined to set up Adrien Hunou; Predrag Rajković blocked the shot.

Suitably roused, France continued to press, with goalkeeper Rajković spilling a fierce Benzia drive and substitutes Lenny Nangis and Kevin Rodrigues trying their luck from range, their efforts blocked and wayward respectively. Six days ago Serbia had found a late equaliser against France in Group B; this time Ljubinko Drulović’s team resisted attempts to turn the tables and, after one last scare when Benzia curled a free-kick too high, held out to finally claim the trophy.

source: uefa.com

Parliament Member Insults Police Officers

Police in Vranje, town in the south of Serbia, reported that member of parliament from SNS Dragan Nikolic, from the hood of his car, cursed and insulted police officers and chief of Vranje police precinct Sladjan Velinovic, and then tried to physically attack him.

In the written report sent to media it is written that Nikolic, with group of party members, in a ten-vehicle motorcade, and carrying flags of the party, stopped the motorcade in front of main police precinct in Vranje.

“He climbed to the hood of one of the cars which was in the motorcade, from where he yelled several curses and swear words to police patrol officers and the officer in charge of building security. Also, Nikolic insulted the chief of Police precinct, who was not at the time in the building”, says the report.

After that, the report says, the vehicles continued driving around town, honking along the way.

Nikolic refused to comment on the incident today, but said that the police openly placed itself on the side of one party and prevented SNS members from performing election-related activities.

source: Juzne vesti

Anti-Fascist Movement Cleans Defaced Monument To Saban Bajramovic

At the website of antifascist organization from Nis, town in south of Serbia, a photo gallery was posted showing members of anti-fascist movement cleaning the paint and erasing the swastika drawn on the monument to one of the greatest singers and composers of Roma and Serbian folk music, Saban Bajramovic.

Monument to this Roma musician, which was built in 2010, was defaced with grafitti and cleaned several times. The last time monument had so much paint on it that the municipality intended to put up a tender to find the best offer to clean the statue.

However, members of the antifa movement proved this to be unnecessary, leaving behind an inspirational note: ”Long live Saban, screw the tender, death to fascism!”

Hatred Towards Serbs On Local Twitter Trending Topics

Large amount of posts appeared today in regional twitosphere with hashtag #IHateSerbiaAndSerbianPeople, written in English, and posted by a great number of users. It is assumed that the great percentage of twitter users who tweeted with this hashtag is from Kosovo and Metohija or Albania.

This was enough for a large number of users from Serbia to react, as well as other who feel differently about the Serbs, causing a real mini-twitter warfare between the users.

Several users warned about the chauvinistic posts spreading on the network, so a reaction by the administrators could easily take place. According to the rules of this social network, such behavior is not tolerated and it could easily happen that the users who broke the rules become banned from Twitter.