17-Year-Old Girl Missing

Ana Ruzic from Krusevac, town in central Serbia, was last seen in her hometown.

Recently she went missing without a clue. It is assumed that she has been kidnapped and that she is victim of human trafficking.

Anyone who knows something about her whereabouts or who have seen her recently are asked to report it to the nearest police station or via telephones:

062 831-77-01 ili 063 832-444-0

Parliament Member Insults Police Officers

Police in Vranje, town in the south of Serbia, reported that member of parliament from SNS Dragan Nikolic, from the hood of his car, cursed and insulted police officers and chief of Vranje police precinct Sladjan Velinovic, and then tried to physically attack him.

In the written report sent to media it is written that Nikolic, with group of party members, in a ten-vehicle motorcade, and carrying flags of the party, stopped the motorcade in front of main police precinct in Vranje.

“He climbed to the hood of one of the cars which was in the motorcade, from where he yelled several curses and swear words to police patrol officers and the officer in charge of building security. Also, Nikolic insulted the chief of Police precinct, who was not at the time in the building”, says the report.

After that, the report says, the vehicles continued driving around town, honking along the way.

Nikolic refused to comment on the incident today, but said that the police openly placed itself on the side of one party and prevented SNS members from performing election-related activities.

source: Juzne vesti

Hatred Towards Serbs On Local Twitter Trending Topics

Large amount of posts appeared today in regional twitosphere with hashtag #IHateSerbiaAndSerbianPeople, written in English, and posted by a great number of users. It is assumed that the great percentage of twitter users who tweeted with this hashtag is from Kosovo and Metohija or Albania.

This was enough for a large number of users from Serbia to react, as well as other who feel differently about the Serbs, causing a real mini-twitter warfare between the users.

Several users warned about the chauvinistic posts spreading on the network, so a reaction by the administrators could easily take place. According to the rules of this social network, such behavior is not tolerated and it could easily happen that the users who broke the rules become banned from Twitter.

Serbia Starts EU Accession Negotiation?

President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy gave a recognition to Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic on vision and determination to commit to the dialogue on normalization of relations with Pristina.

The latest round of dialogue ended early this morning after more than five hours of talks.

“EU will fulfill its obligation toward Serbia”, Van Rompuy said at the common press conference in Brussels, but added that, besides necessary reforms, new steps towards normalization of relations with Kosovo are needed.

“Time is of crucial importance”, said Van Rompuy, and added that “great challenges lie ahead”. He reminded that the European Council will assess the progress of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, and then make a decision on beginning of accession negotiations.

Four Young Men Found Dead

Police found lifeless bodies of four young men in a house in village Svovojno near Paracin, town in central Serbia, around 8.30 this morning.

The deceased are all friends from Svovojno, Milos Atanackovic (1995), Jovan Ilic (1995), Djordje Marjanovic (1996) and Marko Zivkovic (1993).

They were left in the cabin not far from the village yesterday around 15.30 by father of one of the young men, who turned on the gas powered electricity generator and prepared wood for heating.

It is suspected that the exhaust gases from the generator killed the four young men. The generator was in the next room.

Last time they were heard from was when they talked on the phone yesterday around 19h with a father of one of them, and left a message on the internet around 1.30 during the night.

Father of one of the boys came to the house at 7.30 in the morning. Bodies of two boys were near the table, and the other two were on the bed.

Generous Gesture By National Theatre

National theatre in Belgrade gives away free tickets to audience for all plays that are on the repertoire until 15th of January.

Theatre’s program in the following days features plays “The importance of being Ernest” (9. January), “Female orchestra” (10.), “Variations enigmatique” (11.), “Wedding” (12.), “Hedda Gabler” (13. and 14.) and “Laža i paralaža” (15.).

The National theatre was founded in 1868. godine, and moved to its present location in 1869.  It includes art segments Opera, Ballet and Drama, and the plays are performed at the Main Scene and the “Rasa Plaovic” stage.

The National theatre is one of the most representative and most significant cultural institutions of Serbia.

Girl Raped In Downtown Belgrade

29 year-old P. K. was raped during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in a garage in Makedonska street in Belgrade.

Belgrade media report that the rapist first beat up the girl, and then threw her in the car, where he raped her, threatening her with a knife.

The girl was hospitalized with heavy injuries, report Belgrade media.

Rape in a public place, such as a garage, is rare in Serbia.

According to criminal law, punishment for rape is from 5 to 15 years, if the victim is heavily injured.

Police are searching for the attacker.

Vucic Strict Towards Miskovic

Certain pressure is being made in order for the Delta Holding owner Miroslav Miskovic to be released from incarceration, said yesterday deputy Prime Minister and Minister of defense Aleksandar Vucic, adding that there is no valid ground for such a thing, but also that he would see such outcome as his own personal defeat.

“I am not the one who makes decisions about this, it is first of all a question for the investigative judge and the prosecutors”, said Vucic, responding to journalist’s question on whether Miskovic will be released from the incarceration.

“Whether they will manage to stand up against it, as far as I am concerned… I heard some announcements that Miskovic will be released before New Year… there are different kinds of pressures being made, and I even find it funny when I listen to some people who took his side and talk about what’s the truth and what’s not”, said Vucic.

He said that he refuses to debate on that topic, and talk about how many lies were said by those who defend Miskovic in public in the past two days. Vucic said that if Miskovic is released from incarceration, he will see that as a defeat of our politics in general, but also as his own personal defeat, and added that he is not ashamed to admit that.

Nikolic Talks With Putin

Belgrade daily “Novosti” reports that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic talked on the phone on Friday about improving state relations and the possibility that the Russian leader soon visits Belgrade.

The two presidents sent each other best wishes for upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, but also conversed on possibilities of improvement of relations between the two countries.

Both presidents agreed that in the following months Belgrade and Moscow should sign the agreement on strategic partnership, being that the document is basically prepared.

Christmas Or Easter, Make Up Your Mind

President of southern Serbian province Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, congratulated Easter in a letter to the bishop of the Catholic church in Kosovo Dod Gjergji yesterday.

„I congratulate you and all the catholic believers of the Republic of Kosovo Easter holidays, with wishes that they spend it in joy and happiness with their families in God’s good grace”, reads the letter published in Serbian language on Atifeta Jahjaga’s website.

Jahjaga added that she appreciates highly engagement of the Catholic church “for unity and love among people of all nationalities and religions, and for building a better future”.

At the end of the letter, Jahjaga once more sends greetings “for eternal celebration of Easter”.

This is not the first time that the holiday is congratulated wrongly to Catholic believers in Kosovo. Kosovo’s PM Hasim Thaci made the same mistake and nsteda of Christmas, congratulated Easter. His greeting was published at the official government website in Pristina.

Majority of population in Kosovo is now Muslim, after great number of Serbs left the province 12 years ago after being terrorized by the Albanians.