Andricgrad Soon To Be Finished

In one of the most beautiful spots in the Balkans, close to the city Visegrad, the former Yugoslavia’s most celebrated film director Emir Kusturica, author of “Time of the gipsies”, “Underground”, “When father was away on business” and other masterpieces, is building a medieval city that will have about 50 buildings. The city will be called Andricgrad.

New-old city is inspired by the book The Bridge on the Drina, published in 1945 by the Nobel laureate Ivo Andric. Kusturica said that the first time he got the idea for the project was when he stopped in the town Visegrad during his honeymoon in 1978.

His mini-town will have an Ottoman caravanserai, an Austro-Hungarian academy of fine arts, an Orthodox church, a bookshop, a new town hall, a hotel, a marina, a helipad and an opera house in which Kusturica plans to stage the premiere of a work he is writing, based on Andric’s masterpiece.

Andricgrad is due for completion in 2014. It is a joint project between Kusturica, who has a 51% share, and the government of Republika Srpska, the Serbian half of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Emir Kusturica previously built Drvengrad in Serbia, a traditional village also known as Küstendorf, where he filmed “Life is a Miracle”.

Transparency Serbia: Serbian Society Highly Corrupt

Serbia took 80th place out of 176 countries when corruption in society is measured, on the yearly list of “Transparency International”. Even after making a progress of six places since last year, Serbia still falls among highly corrupt states.

President of “Transparency Serbia” organization Vladimir Goati said that with a position like that, Serbia can create favorable internal conditions “all it wants”, but the investors will still base their decisions on that index.

As main problems in Serbia, TS representatives listed breaking anti-corruption laws, jeopardizing legal security, influence of political parties on public sector…

This year, first place, with almost no corruption was taken by Denmark, Finland and New Zealand with mark 90, while Sweden took second place with 88 points.

Bottom of the list belogs to Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia with 8 points each, while Sudan took one place above them with 13 out of maximum 100 points.

Most corrupt state of European Union is Greece at 94th place, with the most corrupt public sector in EU.

Students’ Protest Over Hague Verdicts

Several thousand students in Belgrade protested yesterday in front of Serbian Parliament against the Tribunal in Hague which acquitted a former Croatian generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markac, as well as former KLA leader Ramus Haradinaj.

Students’ representatives wrote a petition demanding a parliament resolution to condemn Hague Tribunal verdicts. They handed over the petition to Parliament president Nebojsa Stefanovic.

Students also demanded more effort to be invested in promoting Serb rights in neighboring countries, as well as rights of Serbs on trial in the Hague Tribunal.

Demonstrators also asked from state to be more engaged on gathering evidence against perpetrators of crimes committed against Serbs in the regions of former Yugoslavia.

Serbian Ambassador In NATO Commits Suicide

Branislav Milinkovic, Serbia’s Ambassador in NATO, committed suicide yesterday.

He jumped from a parking lot at the international airport in Brussels and fell on concrete floor several meters below.

Emergency services were called to the scene, but were not able to revive Mr Milinkovic.

The Serbian foreign ministry confirmed that Branislav Milinkovic, 52, had died, but did not give details. It paid tribute to his work.

Before he was named Ambassador in NATO, dr Branislav Milinkovic was Serbia’s ambassador in Organization for security and co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, and special envoy to NATO alliance in Brussels.

Novak vs Andy, Biggest Rivalry Of 2012.

Duels between Serb Novak Djokovic and Scott Andy Murray have been named the biggest rivalry in sports in 2012 by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).

The Serb and the Brit played seven matches this year, and Djokovic came out as a winner in four of them.

Most interesting match between the world’s first and second player was seen in the Australian Open finals, which Djokovic won 3:2 in sets.

Tennis lovers were also thrilled by incredible points in the US Open finals, when Murray triumphed, winning the first Grand Slam title of his carrier.

Djokovic and Murray met at ATP tournaments 17 times so far, with Djokovic being more successful, currently in the lead 10:7.

Police Question Richest Serb

Miroslav Miskovic, owner of “Delta Holding” and the richest Serb, has been questioned yesterday by the police related to purchasing land via his company “Delreal”.

Police suspect that the state was damaged during sale of the property in a modern part of Belgrade. It has been suspected that the property was only given under lease to the company “Delreal” which used it in a way that suggested the property was sold to it.

Company Delta Holding owned by Miskovic, sent a statement claiming that they don’t own the property in question. They explained that the request to convert the land was filed, but that the process is not yet finished.

If and when the conversion of the property occurs, the statement reads, Delreal will be allowed to build and realise a contract with the German company “Bauhaus” which plans to built its first construction in Serbia on that location.

It is not known whether the police will invite Miskovic to a new questioning where he would fully explain the dispute.

News Of Vampire Fear In Serbia Fake

News piece about fear of vampire in Serbia which went global in the past week, turned out to be nothing more than a great marketing stunt by a local tavern owner.

Earlier in the week Daily Mail and many other world news portals reported that villagers in central Serbia are frightened after an old mill collapsed, because that was supposedly the sign that the late Sava Savanovic, the most famous Serbian vampire, has left his grave.

Namely, according to Daily Mail “sales of garlic are booming in western Serbia today after the local council issued a public health warning that a vampire was on the loose.” The official announcement came after an old ruined mill said to once have been the home of the country’s most famous vampire collapsed.

Local mayor Miodrag Vujetic admitted: “People are worried, everybody knows the legend of this vampire and the thought that he is now homeless and looking for somewhere else and possibly other victims is terrifying people. We are all frightened.”

The real truth is that Miodrag Vujetic is the owner of a tavern suffering from lack of guests, and the restaurant visited only by rare villagers. The official warning in the village inhabited by only around one hundred people was never given out.

In addition to this, there is no panic in this part of Serbia, and there hasn’t been noticed any significant rise in garlic sales.

Sava Savanovic is the legendary vampire from medieval times, who allegedly drank blood of millers who would come to mill their grain.  Many horror novels were written about him, and there is also a movie character based on him.

It is an interesting fact that the word ‘vampire’ comes from Serbian language.

Richest Serb To Report To Police For Questioning

One of the richest people in Serbia, Miroslav Miskovic, owner of Delta Holding company, received an invitation for questioning by the police, on Monday December 3rd, that company has said in a statement.

Miskovic will, in line with his civic duty, appear for questioning, the statement says further on.

“Long and thorough” investigation of company’s business has been made in the last period, which gave answers to all questions related to company’s operations, it said.

Miroslav Miskovic is the owner of several most profitable companies in Serbia.

One of the political tabloids in Serbia published that Miskovic is preparing to flee to Cypress, which could be a reason the company decided to come forward with an official statement.

Serbia To Choose ‘Eurosong’ Representative

Serbian representative for “Eurosong 2013” music contest will be selected at “Beosong 2013” festival. The “Eurosong” contest will be held in Malme, Sweden from 14th to 18th of May next year.

Before the festival, a competition will be held to choose 15 songs to take part at the “Beosong 2013” festival.

Invitation to enter competition will be made public December 1st in daily papers and on the National television website, and will last until January 20th.

15 songs will compete in the semi-finals during the first evening of the music festival “Beosong 2013”. Serbian citizens will select five best compositions by voting via text messages. Those five songs will compete next day in the finals, and one of them will be selected to represent Serbia in 2013 in Malme.

Significant Amounts Of Gold And Copper Found In South Of Serbia

“Dunav Minerals” company that has been researching resources of copper and gold mines near Medvedja in south of Serbia, has established the existence of 800.000 tons of copper and 78 tons of gold in the area.

“Dunav Minerals’ has already started a preliminary mining study with this project, which will help determine the economical and technological aspects so that the future mine could start working”, said the research manager.

Dunav Minerals is a Serbian-Canadian firm. Other Canadian firms besides “Dunav Minerals” are also researching several locations in Serbia for existence of lithium. According to unofficial data, there are significant occurrences of this ore in the west of the country.