Nikolic, Alyev And Tesla

During his visit to Azerbaijan, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and his host, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev unveiled in Baku a monument to famous Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla, noting that the monument will represent another bond in the friendship between the two countries. The two presidents signed a declaration on strategic partnership.

The presidents said that the two countries will support one another on all fields, especially when it comes to preservation of territorial integrity, and that they will first of all be focused on development of economic cooperation.
“It has been a long time since two nations so far away became so close”, said Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic on a mutual press conference with Aliyev.

“We are witnessing that our relations are filled with friendship and characterized by strategic partnership. We will continue to contribute to cooperation on all fields, and support each other, especially in the field of territorial integrity”, said Aliyev.

Nikolic – Jahjaga Meeting

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will meet today in Brussels with the President of the self-proclaimed Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga.

The meeting will be held under the auspices of the EU High Representative, Baroness Catherine Ashton, who will attend the meeting.

This will be the first meeting of Nikolic and Jahjaga, after both expressed an intention to meet.

The meeting will be held after Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic and Prime Minister of the self-proclaimed Kosovo Hashim Tachi met several times in Brussels, also under the auspices of Catherine Ashton.

Presidents Of Serbia And Chile Meet

Ahead of the Latin American and Caribbean States – European Union Business Summit, President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic met with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera and discussed bilateral relations and economic cooperation.

During the meeting, Nikolic thanked Piñera for principled support in preservation of Serbia’s territorial integrity and not recognizing Kosovo’s independence, while Piñera expressed full understanding for the difficult Situation Serbia was facing in the previous period, and gave full support to Serbia’s European aspirations.

Piñera noted that the bilateral cooperation is at a high lever, but that a growing economy such as Chile could offer a lot to Serbia, to overcome the crisis it has come upon.

He pointed out that the Chilean industry is in expansion, despite the World economic crisis, and stated that the unemplyment is around five percent, while the country debt is around seven percent.

Saying that there are numerous possibilities for cooperation, Piñera announced that in the near future, diplomatic-consular posts will be opened in both countries, providing possibilities to even more further the cooperation.

President And Prime Minister United On Kosovo Platform

Serbian top officials are united on the issue of platform and resolution on continuation of Kosovo talks. The resolution will be presented on Saturday before members of parliament, but the platform will not be publicly published, said President Nikolic and Prime Minister Dacic.

Nikolic said that he stands by the government and that he will not step away from the process of solving the Kosovo issue at any time.

“I wish to help the government and they can turn to me with any issue, because I was present at a government session and they deserve help”, said Nikolic.

Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said that the government was unanimous when adopting the two documents regarding Kosovo and Metohija and that the full state unity was achieved when it comes to that significant topic, which represents the key issue to national and state interests.

Central topic on which Dacic and Nikolic agreed upon is the continuation of negotiations with Pristina and EU assesion talks, but according to principles set in President Nikolic’s platform, which will be also part of the resolution that parliament is supposed to adopt.

Christmas Greeting By President Nikolic

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said in a Christmas greeting to citizens of Serbia that people who believe in God are good, regardless of the temple they pray in, and that Serbia will dedicate the entire next year to reconciliation.

Nikolic said that, as President of Serbia, he had the opportunity to congratulate holidays to members of almost all confessions, and that congratulating both Julian and Gregorian calender Christmas is his favorite obligation as a president.

Nikolic reminded that Serbia will this year be host to marking 1.700 years of Milan edict and “the order of emperor Constantin who made Christianity one religion, allowed it to be freely confessed, and because of which people will not kill each other, nor burn temples”.

Nikolic Talks With Putin

Belgrade daily “Novosti” reports that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic talked on the phone on Friday about improving state relations and the possibility that the Russian leader soon visits Belgrade.

The two presidents sent each other best wishes for upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, but also conversed on possibilities of improvement of relations between the two countries.

Both presidents agreed that in the following months Belgrade and Moscow should sign the agreement on strategic partnership, being that the document is basically prepared.

President Nikolic Decorates Ramsey Clark and Patrick Besson

Former United States Attorney General Ramsey Clark was honored by Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic with Sretenje Order of second class, for extraordinary contributions in public and humanitarian activities.

Clark, former US Attorney General, lawyer, judge, and peace activist was opposed to bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999. At the meeting organised to mark the 10 year anniversary of the bombing, Clark was one of the main speakers.

Nikolic bestowed the Order of the Serbian flag on Patrick Besson, for special contribution in developing and strengthening the peaceful cooperation and friendly relations between Serbia and France.

The French writer has supported Serbia on numerous occasions when such support was not considered to be popular. His quote “Belgrade sky is the very thing I wish to see on my dying day” was best remembered by his Serbian readers.

Serbia Disappointed Over Another Hague Acquittal Verdict

Hague Tribunal acquitted for the second time former Kosovo Liberation Army commander Ramush Haradinay, suspect for crimes against Serbs in west of Kosovo in 1998.

Representatives of state institutions and political parties in Serbia almost unanimously condemned the verdict as unjust, but add that it was also, unfortunately, expected.

President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic stated that this acquittal will unite all citizens of Serbia because, in his own words, the injustice can only inspire Serbs, not bring them down.

“I think they did not make a good judgement of the Serbs. We will only unite in spite because of this verdict, we won’t be brought down or disappointed. We are proud people even when an injustice has been done upon us, and perhaps a new unity and peace will come out of all this among the Serbs,” said Nikolic.

“This is the moment when all Serbs should be released from the Hague Tribunal, because, if the operation “Storm” was not a crime, and if Haradinay did not commit a crime, then how could they find crimes committed by Serbian politicians, army commanders and police officers who are in the Hague”, Nikolic concluded.