Serb Kills Polish Girl

Serb Ratko Velickovic (68) murdered Polish girl Olivia Jankovski (16) who he was having an affair with, in hotel “Svitijaz” in Ukranian town Lutsk, and then took his own life.

The Serb and the 52 years younger girl were found dead on 18th of January in a room of the hotel located in the famous castle “Svitijaz”. The Lutsk police stated that the preliminary results of the investigation point out that the Serb killed the girl, and committed suicide, being that a gun was found in his hand.

Naked bodies, with head injuries, was found by the maid, since the two foreigners never checked out of the hotel in said time.

Olivia was introduced to the Serb by her older sister in Poland, who was employed at his cafe. She stated for Polish media that her younger sister was fascinated by his fortune, but that after some time, she decided to end the relationship.

Velickovic was born in a village near Leskovac, town in south of Serbia, and he moved to Poland 20 years ago.

Incident In Serbian Government Building

Ljiljana M. (54) tried to enter Serbian government building armed with a handgun. Serbian media reported that she tried to reach the office of Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Ljiljana came from Sombor, town in north of Serbia, in the morning, with the intent to talk to Vucic and ask for his help. She threatened to commit suicide if she is not allowed to see Vucic.

Police discovered during routine scan that Ljiljana M. had a weapon in her purse.

Police managed to disarm her without use of force. The woman was later sent to medical and psychological examination.

Serbian Ambassador In NATO Commits Suicide

Branislav Milinkovic, Serbia’s Ambassador in NATO, committed suicide yesterday.

He jumped from a parking lot at the international airport in Brussels and fell on concrete floor several meters below.

Emergency services were called to the scene, but were not able to revive Mr Milinkovic.

The Serbian foreign ministry confirmed that Branislav Milinkovic, 52, had died, but did not give details. It paid tribute to his work.

Before he was named Ambassador in NATO, dr Branislav Milinkovic was Serbia’s ambassador in Organization for security and co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, and special envoy to NATO alliance in Brussels.

Young Gay Disowned By Parents Tries To Commit Suicide

According to Blic, Serbian daily newspaper, twenty-year old Stefan Radovic from Kursumlija, a small town in south of Serbia, tried to commit suicide by taking a large amount of sedatives. He was brought to the hospital in Kursumlija on time, and his condition is stable now.

Stefan announced earlier his intention on social networks.

“I am seriously considering taking my own life tonight, I can’t take it any more, people… I’ve had enough. I never knew how to hate and never wished evil upon anyone. Even now while I hold these pills I love you all…” wrote Stefan on his facebook profile.

“Gay-Straight Alliance” organization, which paid for Stefans accommodation in Belgrade for a period of time, after trying to reach him on the phone without success, reported the case in Kursumlija.

When Stefan Radovic decided to admit to his family that he was homosexual, he was condemned by everyone except for his younger sister. His parents forced him out of the house, so he had to live in Nis and Belgrade for a while, but returned home after a while.

Suicide Threat Of Unpaid Worker

An impoverished worker climbed onto a window seal of the abandoned former HQ of the Serbian Army General Staff building, damaged in the NATO 1999 bombing campaign, in protest over unpaid salaries.

35-year-old Almes Nedin, who reached the 20m high window seal undetected by security officials, attracted attention of bystanders who called the police.

After two and a half hours of negotiation with the police, the man was moved to safety.

Serbian media report Almes Nedin used this dangerous method to alert the public that he hadn’t been paid for the last eight months by the firm he had been working for.

The media claim he did not want to commit suicide, but tried to raise awareness and get his employer to obey their part of the contract and pay him his money.