Serbian Orthodox Church Bishop Kacavenda Suing Media For Writing He Is Homosexual

Media storm in Serbia has been raging for days concerning the alleged video recordings of Vasilije Kacavenda, Serbian Orthodox Church bishop from Bosnia, showing him kissing young men.

The video recordings were reportedly confiscated when a person tried to sell them, demanding 100.000 euros. The recordings, media reports, show bishop Vasilije dressed in plain civilian, not priest clothing, kissing a young man.

Bishop Vasilije Kacavenda has filed a complaint to the Serbian Ministry of the Interior demanding from them to confirm or deny media allegations on the alleged arrest of persons who attempted to sell the video, saying that the media writings are damaging his reputation.

As the media in Serbia reports, the leadership of the Serbian Orthodox Church -Sinod, has been notified about the recordings, and had been shown the video after the police confiscated it. It is still unknown how the Serbian Orthodox Church will react in this case. According to the church rules, homosexuality is strictly forbidden.

Bishop Vasilije has recently applied for retirement.