Jeremic – Independent MP In October

President of the UN General Assembly Vuk Jeremic said that he intends to return to Belgrade and be an independent MP after his mandate in the global organisation expires.

In an interview for the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, Jeremic said that he would return to Belgrade in October so as to be a representative in the parliament of Serbian citizens who appointed him, and added that he has no intention of joining any party for now.

He said that he is an independent MP and added that he is satisfied by the independence for now.

Vuk Jeremic Expelled From Democratic Party

President of the United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic was expelled today from Democratic Party, after he failed to comply with the party top decision on returning the parliament member mandate he holds in the Serbian Assembly.

“Exchange of opinions and arguments are always welcome in Democratic party, and after the party organs make a decision, it is obligatory for all party members, no exceptions”, said the statement by the Democratic party after the party’s executive board session.

The party’s explanation says that Jeremic was expelled because he did not comply with the decision by the Democratic party executive committee and breach of the party statute.

Jeremic Making Plans For ‘Serbian New Year’ (Video)

United Nations General Assembly president Vuk Jeremic will host a New Year’s concert on 14th of January, “the first day of Serbian New Year”.

On that day, at midnight, Belgrade choir “Viva Vox” will perform for more than 2000 guests, representatives of all permanent UN member states, and the elite of New York business, cultural and public circles.

The concert will take place at the big hall of UN General Assembly, which will be specially decorated for the occasion.

As the presiding country of UN General Assembly, “Serbia has the right to choose one day which will be dedicated to our country in the UN, and the first day of the Serbian New Year has been chosen symbolically”, said Jeremic.

Jeremic says that it will be “the biggest cultural manifestation that our country has orgnaized so forth at the American continent”, and that “it will attract the attention of not only American public, but also many others across the planet”.

“As the country presiding the UN, we will send from New York the New Year’s message of peace and show to the world the bright face of Serbia, through our culture and customs”, said Jeremic.


Vuk Jeremic vs Pork

President of the United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic roasted a pig on a spit for Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.

Along with the comment “There’s little time left until end of fasting”, Vuk Jeremic posted on his twitter profile photo of a pig on a spit ready for oven.

Because he was in Washington during the Christmas Eve, it is not quite certain whether the pork was prepared in the US capital or in New York.

With the great number of tweets that praised his action, certain twitter users complained that the picture of the pig on a spit was inappropriate.

Jeremic: Every Time We Turn On The Light, We Remember Tesla

President of the United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic said in New York, on occasion of honoring 70th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s passing that the great Serbian scientist personifies the most positive traits of Serbian national identity and can serve as a role model in a moment when the Serbian nation tries to define its place in a changing world.

“For me, his Serbian heritage is more than a biography detail, because I strongly believe that Tesla personifies some of hte most positive traits of Serbian national identity. His life is a testimony that even when someone has a modest background, and comes from a small area such as the Balkans, ability, hard work and persistence can be enough for his vision to become reality,” said Jeremic.

Jeremic said that Serbia is justifiably proud of Tesla’s inventions and discoveries that led the world into the modern age.

“Every time we turn on the light, the computer or use a mobile phone, we should remember Tesla,” said Jeremic.

President of the United Nations General Assembly explained that Tesla could serve as a role model for our nation and as a symbolical bridge between the past we come from, the unsolved problems we face and the future we strive to build.

Vuk Jeremic In China

President of United Nations General Assembly Vuk Jeremic met today with members of the new Chinese leadership – General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping and Chinese Minister of Foreign affairs Yang Jiechi.

Jeremic said for Chinese international radio that the main topics of the meeting were international questions, first of all situation in Syria and the Middle East, but also relations of the new authorities in Belgrade and Beijing.

“We discussed bilateral matters as well, since China is now going through a transitional period. A new generation of leaders are on key positions now, and I think that it is important for the new Chinese leadership to establish best possible relations with the new Serbian government, just like they were during the previous government”, said Jeremic.

Vuk Jeremic Gets An Applause From Both Palestine And Israel (video)

Shortly before the UN started considering the draft resolution on Palestinian status, General Assembly president Vuk Jeremic asked the representatives to listen to several remarks of his own as the president of the GA’s 57th session

“During this meeting we’ve had a distinct privilege to hear from representatives of two great nations. President Mahmoud Abbas, of Palestine, and ambassador Ron Prosor, of the state of Israel. They are each children of the Abraham, one a descendant of Ishmael, the other of Isaac. Both come from a land that has been almost continuously tormented by conflict, for many centuries, with countless victims on all sides.

The stride has not evaded during this organization’s 67 years of existence. We still witness the enmity, the estrangement and the mistrust, as parents continue to bury their children.

In today’s globalizing, interconnected world, what happens between the river Jordan and the shores of the Mediterranean has become the key to the security and well-being of the entire mankind.

Excellencies, I have no doubt that history will judge this day to have been fraught with significance. But whether it will be come to be looked upon as a step in the right direction on the road to peace, will depend on how we bear ourselves in its wake. Let us therefore have wisdom to act in furtherance of the goal we all share.

Allow me to extend an appeal from this rostrum, and in particular to my dear friends from Palestine and Israel, to work for peace, to negotiate in good faith, and ultimately to succeed in reaching the historical settlement.

This is your common and most solemn duty to the whole world, but first and foremost, to the proud men and women who live in the land that is holy to so many of us.

In the Zohar it was written that God is peace, His name is peace, and all is bound together in peace, and in the Qur’an we can read that Allah invites all nations to the abode of peace.

I am sure that each of you will cast your ballot with a veritable feeling in your heart that your choice is serving the cause of a righteous peace.”

After the speech, an applause ensued by both sides, who have been in conflict for several decades.

Twitter Showdown Between Vuk Jeremic And Gotovina’s Lawyer

A heated argument on Twitter between Vuk Jeremic, president of UN General Assambly and Luka Misic, defense lawyer of Croatian general Ante Gotovina started after an article in Zagreb daily “Jutarnji list” which claims that Jeremic “lied about scheduling a debate about Hague Tribunal in the United Nations”.

Jeremic rejected the claims made in the article on Twitter, while Luka Misetic linked to the article and wrote that Jeremic just talks a lot, but does nothing.

To this tweet Jeremic replied: “Would you accept to be my lawyer if I decide to sue Jutarnji list for libel?”, to which Misetic retorted that he couldn’t do that because he is “currently occupied making a lawsuit agains high UN official who is trying to dispute a sentence by his own court”.

Jeremic then replied: “I knew from the beginning that I can’t hire you, I am not your type. I don’t have anyone’s blood on my hands…”

Jeremic Schedules UN Debate About The Hague Tribunal

President of the General Assembly of the United Nations Vuk Jeremic has scheduled a public debate for April 10th 2013 in the UN Assembly about the international ad hoc crime tribunals’ role in establishing justice and reconciliation between nations.

Jeremic claims that the Hague Tribunal’s decision to set the Croatian generals free is a blow to UN’s reputation.

Jeremic considers that the decision made by the appeal council of the Hague Tribunal caused an understandable bitterness in many parts of the world.

”It is an indisputable fact that around quarter of a million Serbs has been driven from their homes in a matter of days, and that the court founded to investigate such crimes basically decided that nobody is guilty nor responsible for this”, Jeremic said.

“It could be further concluded that the crime didn’t actually happen, which is evidently in collision with the reality” Jeremic added.

“I think that the full understanding of the Hague Tribunal’s work and it’s consenquences has to be made available to the international public, in order to make possible for history to be the final judge, and that we make sure that crime is never again given amnesty and proclaimed a virtue”, Jeremic said.

“I am convinced that the true reconciliation and turning a new page in relations between the divided nations is not possible if it is based on negating and glorification of a crime, because that would basically be an encouragment to repeat those crimes”, concluded president of the UN General Assembly.

Tadic Withdraws From Party Presidential Race

Two-time president of Serbia and leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Boris Tadic, has announced he will not seek reelection.

At the meeting of the top Democratic Party officials, Tadic has confirmed he will remain a party member. However, he expects to be elected an honorary party president. Tadic claims the consensus is much needed within the party after many months of his inter-party feud with the Mayor of Belgrade, Dragan Djilas.

“The Democratic Party made many mistakes in the past three months. At the forthcoming session of the main board, the Democratic Party has to prevent all divisions and demonstrate unity. Unity is our imperative. Unity is the issue of the utmost importance for the Democratic Party”, Tadic said.

Reacting to Tadic’s decision, President of the UN General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, who is also a Democratic Party official, has said he does not consider it a good move. Jeremic says he cannot support Tadic’s withdrawal from the inter-party presidential race.

Former Defense Minister, Dragan Sutanovac, has followed Tadic suite by dropping his candidacy for another term as the party’s vice-president.

The Democratic Party convention, which is to elect a new leadership, has been set for November 25.