Twin Towns In Serbia

Town twinning of Serbian cities with cities abroad is a practice which exists since last century. Numerous details over the epochs affect the decision of a town to connect with some other town. Staring with mutual historical ties, over mutual war and financial aid, to people who represented their city, but lived in one of the Serbian towns. One example might be twinning of northern Serbian town Kikinda with Norwegian Narvik because of the great friendship which developed between prisoners of fascist Germany with Norwegians while they were imprisoned in that country. The biggest hotel in Kikinda is called “Narvik”.

In this article we will list the twin towns of Serbia with other towns in the world.

The capital Belgrade had started twin ties first with English Coventry, then Tel Aviv, Vienna, Chicago, Corfu and recently, Ljubljana.

Novi Sad, the largest city in north of Serbia, has twin town relations with Modena in Italy, Norwich in UK, German Dortmund, Budva in Montenegro, Timisoara in Romania, Pechiu in Hungary and municipality Ilioupoli in Athens, Greece.

Nis, the biggest town in south of Serbia is twin town with Kasandra, Glyfada, Marusia i Alimoso in Greece, Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria, Kosice in Slovakia, Kursk in Russia, Saltdal in Norway, Bad Homburg in Germany and Krakow in Poland.

Kragujevac, the biggest town in central Serbia is connected in this way with Sirene in France, Bydgoszcz in Poland, Pitesti in Romania, Ohrid in Macedonia, Bielsko Balja in Poland, Reggio Emilia in italy, Springfild in USA, Karlovac in Croatia, and Mogilev in Belarus.