Unemployed Serbia Celebrates First Of May

Serbia is traditionally celebrating First of May, international workers day. On many excursion sites across the country, camp fires have been burning since early morning, with people cooking ”kačamak” and preparing barbecue.

A foreigner without any knowledge about Serbia would think that the unemployment in the country is low. However, the situation is exactly the opposite.

103.917 jobs were lost in Serbia last year, research conducted by the National Employment Service of Serbia and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) showed.

Most workers were fired in Vojvodina, then Belgrade, Sumadija, and Western Serbia. Least jobs were lost in south and east of Serbia.

Most jobs were lost in the production sector. In the processing industry 32.222 workers were fired, in the trade industry 22.275, in construction industry 14.907, in administration, health industry and education 13.712, in traffic, services and information technologies 11.944…

Workers without high qualifications were most easily fired. 23.287 workers with 1st degree of vocational education (workers with primary school education), and 36.791 workers with 3rd degree of vocational education (workers with high school education) were laid off.