VMRO: One Century Old Serbian War Crimes Should Be Condemned

Macedonian political party VMRO has asked from the government in FYROM to intensify its efforts in shedding light upon the cemeteries of the victims caused by the Serb military, but on the other hand, this party praises the construction of the gigantic memorial in Zajaz for the Albanians killed in 1913 by the Serb government.

According to this party which is led by Lubco Georgievsky, former Prime Minister in FYROM from 1998 until 2002, Macedonians in the country demand for light to be shed on the Serb crimes during the Balkan wars. People’s VMRO says that during this war, crimes and massacres against the population have been perpetrated.

“We praise the construction of the memorial in Zajaz for the Albanians killed in 1913. We are terrified by the testimonies of such crime, where fighters who protected civilians and innocent people, died”, say sources from this party.

People’s VMRO also stresses that this also confirms the existence of Macedonian and Albanian massive cemeteries which have been victims of the Serb terror after the Second World War.

This party says that it’s astonished as to why the government and other relevant institutions have done nothing to clarify the events of the Balkan wars and the First World War.

source: balkaneu.com